Wednesday, 31 May 2017

VIDEO: Using Stencils With Watercolours in Your Art Journal Or Sketchbook

Sketchbook or art journaling with stencils and watercolour by Kim Dellow

My video share today is all about using stencils and watercolours. I really enjoy using watercolours with stencils and today's video shares a fun technique you might want to try out. I've gone for a very stylised, almost illustrative look with my design today, because I am really loving that look at the moment, but you can adapt the techniques to other styles too and use them in your art journal or your sketchbook.

I've used two stencils from StencilGirl, the lovely feathers designed by Rae Missigman and matched them up with one of my own DIY stencils that I made based on a Moroccan tile design. I think the three designs work really well together, what do you think?

There are lots of tips in the video as well as how to correct mistakes with watercolours! Oops!

An illustrative-look watercolour and pen feather design made using stencils by Kim Dellow

VIDEO: Using Stencils With Watercolours in Your Art Journal Or Sketchbook

Hope you enjoy the video and as always if you are inspired to make something after seeing my work then let me know! Leave a note here or better still come over to my YouTube channel and leave me a comment, I could always do with the thumbs up and subscribes too! Thanks!


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More Ideas Using Watercolours and Stencils

I have some other techniques for using watercolour and stencils. Do you remember the textured and layered art journal page that I made using the products I designed for PaperArtsy? Well that page was started with a stencil and watercolour technique, one of my favourites actually.

Then there was a tutorial I wrote for Blitsy on how to make your on journaling cards using watercolours and stencils too. That was fun!

Click on the photos to see other tutorials using stencils and watercolours:

Click to see video on how to make a layered watercolour Art Journal pageClick through to tutorial on how to make your own watercolour journaling cards

So what is your favourite technique for using watercolours with stencils?


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  1. Lovely technique Kim. I like how you combined separate stencils to make your art yours.

    1. Thanks Julie :) Glad you liked it!

  2. That's so pretty, what a lovely idea.


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