Friday, 17 February 2017

Three Art Journal Pages To Share

Happy Friday everyone! Have you got any creative projects planned for the weekend? I've got something new to share with you this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled. Try coming back on Sunday evening (GMT) to find out more!

But I can not share it yet so instead I'm sharing some recent art journal page projects and I hope they get you in the mood for your own creative plans this weekend!

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I've got three pages from my flyer junk journals to share and I hope that you are in the mood for abstract because they are all a bit on the abstract side! I know I am a bit circle-obsessed at the moment, I am still trying to work the circles out of my system, but I think it will never happen!

This page is formed of DecoArt Media black gesso lines with paint pen and white acrylic paint highlights. The background colour is some Turner Acryl Gouache Colour Pearl Red, I think, as it has a bit of iridescent shine to it. It is leftover colour from another project and was put down a while ago now but the page just sang out for more work as I flicked through it!

For the next page I dripped the Liquitex Muted Turquoise and Muted Green inks onto a page that I had cleaned off blue paint from my brush in a previous project. Once the ink was dry I went around the drips with Liquitex white gesso slightly tinted with a purple watercolour paint.

It was totally happenstance rather than design that the gesso took on this tint as the purple paint was dried onto the palette that I used for the gesso. But it was definitely a happy happenstance and why you shouldn't always clean up after yourself, well least that is my excuse!

I then further detailed the drips with the paint pen.

The final journal page share today is very much based on the circle shapes that have been plaguing my work recently! And you have probably seen them cropping up again and again in my daily draws and art slice videos over on Instagram, if you follow me there.

This page was built on a page I had used to clean off a stencil in a previous project and in fact I know exactly which project that was as it was my 'How To Make An Art Journal Page With Shiva Artist's Paintstiks' project! So the background marks where made using DecoArt Black Modeling paste on The Crafter's Workshop Sweet Posey stencil.

It then has a layer of Liquitex gesso and once that was dry I used a layer of Golden Regular Gel (Gloss) over the top. But then I did something that perhaps you would not expect - I used watercolour over the top. I love using watercolours over gel medium, the dried gel layer is not absorbent so the colour pools and resists in really interesting ways which is fun to play with! I used the Prima Marketing Decadent Pies as I love the dark/ paynes grey/ blue- like colour and the gold that are in this set.

This was then finished with the paint pen again and a totally circle-centric abstract design. You can see the gold watercolour catching the light on the picture below.

I hope your weekend is full of creative wonder. Oh and don't forget to check back here on Sunday evening (GMT) for something new! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, I will say no more. You will just have to come back and see, won't you?



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*Heart* you.

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  1. hmmm Sunday... PA maybe? Great pages, Kim. Who doesn't love circles!!


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