Wednesday, 25 January 2017

VIDEO: How To Make A Gouache Paint And Paint Pen Art Journal Page

Do you remember this project? I shared a little clip of it in December as one of my Art Slices videos for that month. Well this week I am sharing the whole project as a video. It's made using Gouache paint, a little bit of acrylic paint and line work with a paint pen. I've already mentioned here on my blog how I am enjoying playing with Gouache paints so they were a natural grab for me when making this page. Then the line work is really an extension of the work I have been doing over on Instagram with my #DellowDailyDrawing or my watercolour shares.

I hope that you enjoy the video showing how to make an art journal page using Gouache paint and a paint pen. I'm trying something new for me and my video making, I have used a mix of voice over and music, so you are seeing the whole page as it happens but as a timelapse to keep the video short. Let me know what you think!

VIDEO: How To Make A Gouache Paint And Paint Pen Art Journal Page

Products Used:
Junk Journal
Turner Acryl Gouache - Colour Pearl Red
Sharpie Paint pen - black, water-based
Acrylic Paint - white
kitchen towel
plastic card

You can see all the paint distressing texture in this photo:

I do love a bit of paint distressing, don't you? Have you used the technique I shared in my video to distress paint? And if you haven't do you think you will give it a go?


ps. If you missed it, I have some creative living tips for increasing your productivity and achieving your goals for this year in my blog post 'How To REALLY Get Things Done'. I would love to hear your tips too so pop on over to that blog post and leave me a comment with your favourite, tried and tested tips.


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