Monday, 7 September 2015

Crafts U Love Demo - Get The Most From Your Journaling Cards (Continued)


Monday is Go! 

I don't know why but the intro music to Thunderbirds just popped into my head then. Did it pop into yours too?

Ok, so you may not have noticed but it is Monday, I know, it was a surprise to me too! I have an explosive card to share with you today to help you get Monday off with a bang!

It is one of my Crafts U Love demo cards (I told you I had a few to share) and it is another from my 'Get The Most From Your Journaling Cards' series and I've used the Becky Higgins Boys Rule Project life card kit.

I might have told you guys this before but I'm a massive space and Sci Fi geek so this one rings all of my bells plus it is interactive, I've put the rocket on a spring so that it wobbles - too cool for school!

I *LOVE* cards with moving elements! Sorry I get a bit excited about space-y things and interactive things. Don't mind me!

Ok you guys! You GO get your Monday, it ain't rocket science! (Well, it might be for some of you, I mean I have no idea what you do in your job, you maybe a rocket scientist for all I know! In which case it IS rocket science!).

Right, I'm out of here, perhaps I shouldn't drink so much coffee before I write my blog posts?


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*Heart* you.


  1. This is so darn cute. I'm thinking my little grandson would love this. You are so full of creative ideas, they just oose from you. (Is that a word) My life is so much richer joining up with Show your Face and Paint many new friends. Thanks again for hosting. Sending Hugs.


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