Monday, 24 August 2015

Painted Scribble Flowers Birthday Card

All the way back in those heady days of July (like all of last month) I fell in LOVE!

I remember it well, it was a gloriously sunny day (it might not have been, I mean it was July in the United Kingdom after all). I was wearing a blue skirt, sea-green shirt and red shoes (I was probably in dark trousers and my altered Hong Kong Phooey t-shirt), my hair was rich, flowing and radiant (yeah, most likely grey, piled on my head waiting for a dye). I was working hard, rushing towards my project deadline for Blitsy when IT happened.

It hit me hard and fast! BAM! I'm in love!

I made some Mixed Media Keepsake envelopes (with a tutorial and a free template hint hint!) and fell in love with painted Scribble Flowers!

DIY Mixed Media Keepsake envelopes
[Just so that you know I've used some affiliate links in this blog post.]

It is funny how these things happen isn't it? But what can you do when love hits you? I just had to make some more painted scribble flowers, so I kept on going and made a birthday card with them.

Painted Roses Birthday card

My painted scribble flowers use the My Favorite Things Lisa Johnson Designs Circle Scribble Flowers as a base. I stamped out the block images and used them as a size guide rather then getting all carried away if I did them freestyle, 'coz I would you know and before you knew it there would be one giant flower and no room for anything else! Not a bad thing, but not the look I was going for!

Aww love, how it doeth affect you (and seemingly change your memory of actual events and usage of the English language, apparently) *Swoon*.

What (or who!) have you fallen in love with recently? Do share!

Kim (imagine lots of emoticon hearts)

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*Heart* you.


  1. I love your scribble flowers, Kim. I adore the shades of blue and love your design.

  2. Your Birthday Card is very pretty. Handmade personal cards are such treasure to make, send and receive.

    1. thanks Wanda, I started as a cardmaker so it is kind of my comfort zone! :)

  3. You id make me chuckle with the way you started this post...I had visions of another of your fabulous stories. I love the card Kim and those scribble flowers are wonderful.
    At the moment I am loving my pens again and really enjoying some "me time" colouring as well as the general crafting colouring.
    Toni xx

    1. Glad I could make you chuckle Toni :) :)
      There is something about colouring that is just so relaxing isn't there? Great thing to be in love with!

  4. Those flowers are rather lovely

    1. Hiya Julie, thank you :) I'm so glad you like them! Kx


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