Saturday, 29 November 2014

Something To Do With That Old Pair Of Jeans

I'm super excited today for a couple of reasons, one reason is that my first tutorial is up on the Blitsy blog - Wahoo!

I've been cutting up jeans to make Christmas cards. Old pairs of course, well unless the fashion now is to wear your jeans with holly leaf-shaped holes in them that is. Très trendy.

The second reason I am super-excited is we are going to get our first real Christmas tree for, ooo gosh quite a few years now. We have this cute little fake tree that we used in the flat, it is only about 2 feet tall but now we have room for a real one!

The baby tree is not retired, she will go in another room, but we need something for the cats to pull down don't we? Ok, so I might be going a little Christmas-crazy for our first Christmas in the new house.

Don't forget to check out Blitsy for the Black Friday bargains happening all weekend and Cyber Monday too.

Right, Christmas trees here I come, jingle, jingle, mmm, where did I put the elf costumes for the cats?



  1. Love the card Kim - the denim leaves look super.
    Have fun decorating your tree.
    Toni xx

    1. Thanks Toni :) The tree is up and decorated! :) Hope you had a lovely weekend. Kimx

  2. Love this Kim :D
    I've been making Christmas tree decorations & owl brooches out of denim too.
    Hope you're okay & enjoy decorating your tree.

    1. Denim is just the best isn't it Tracey? Hope you are doing ok too and had a lovely weekend. Kimx


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