Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Art journal Sharing - Chalkboard Doodling

Hey Wednesday hoppers, how are you doing? It is Art Journal sharing time and this week I'm a doodling in my journal.

Are you a doodler? When you doodle do you tend to stick to the same things or are you more doodle adventurous? I tend to find that if I'm doodling without thinking about it I just draw the same things over and over again. I kind of get stuck in this creative doodle rut, repeating the same patterns or pictures and never breaking out of my comfort zone. So, as part of my hope to improve my sketching skills, I am trying to make my doodling more mindful and deliberate and doodle things I would not usually doodle. 

With that in mind I set out to make a full doodle journal page.

I painted the page with some black chalkboard paint, or you could use a mat black paint too.

Then doodled with a white chalk marker pen.

The inspiration was one of those gallery walls that are very popular in home d├ęcor circles at the moment. I do like the idea of multiple frames making up one feature or picture, so that was the look I was going for with this page.

You can probably guess the theme? It is about creativity and idea generation and I've added doodle pictures in some frames and journaling in others.

That is my share this week, how about you? What journaling have you been up to this week? I would love to hear about any journaling you have been doing, art, writing, doodling, smashing, it all works for me so leave me a comment and a link so I can pop on by for a look!

Catch you later Journalators.



  1. Like your doodling page Kim, looks like you enjoyed yourself a lot!

    I am trying to add tangles onto some of my pages just need more practice so they look ok :-) x

    1. Thanks! It was fun! Hope you are enjoying your zentangling - is that a word?!

  2. Love it Kim, great idea.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

    1. Thanks Angela, enjoy your crafting too!

  3. Thanks for such a lovely share again this week, Kim. As an ex-teacher, doodling on a blackboard appeals. Of course, it's all white boards and techie stuff in the classroom now. Soon, robots will be born as the next generation and education will be obsolete.

    Inspired by you here and elsewhere, I'll doodle/sketch more. Your own work ethic/planning is excellent; your output is so consistent. I blame my current situation and ongoing ill-health but really they are just excuses.

    Must do better!

    1. Hey Shirley, the classroom has all changed hasn't it? It is amazing what they use! I remember trying to get everything written down before the blackboard eraser came out!

      I hope that you are doing ok and you should not be so down on yourself, it isn't always easy to get something done and blogged about now is it? Just go with the flow I say! x

  4. I love it. You showcase such a diverse number of effects.


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