Thursday, 24 April 2014

Art Journal Sharing Thursday - Time For Some Flowers

For my share this Art Journaling Sharing Thursday I've got a couple of call backs to some earlier blog posts. Cast your mind all the way back to yesterday's flowery make, oh so long ago! Well I've kept with the flowers theme for today's share but these flowers were actually started back in March in a cafe with some out and about art Journaling. I've already showed you one of my al fresco pages and now, two or so month's later, here is the other piece I worked on that day. 

I finished it off yesterday but to be honest I think I actually started the pages in January with a layer of PanPastel and you guessed it the same mask I used in my Art Journal Sharing Thursday last week, (told you I had a few blog post call backs!). 

The outlines of the flowers came along in the Cafe back in March using a black Stabilo All Marking Pencil, well until I wore the pencil tip down to the wood and of course I didn't have a pencil sharpener with me did I? D'oh! Knew I had forgotten something!

Then yesterday I added the colour to the leaves and petals using the ZIG BrusH2O waterbrush and some Derwent Inktense pencils. I picked the colour off the tip of the Inktense pencils with the waterbrush and adding it to the page to get that lovely variation in tone, I often prefer doing that than scribbling with the pencil on the page and adding water afterwards. 

So how many layers is that? Well, if you count the gesso over the A5 flier pages to start with then that makes five layers in this simple little art journal double page, but I love the way they are all translucent and you can see the layers underneath coming through. 

Another thing I'm totally in love with at the moment is the black Stabilo All Marking Pencil. Add a touch of water to it and you get a lovely velvety black line that you can diffuse out to a gorgeous grey shadow, which is what you can see around the flowers by the way.

I really wish I had taken pictures of each layer now, oh well maybe next time!

Thanks for popping in and do feel free to share any links to your art journaling this week in the comments below.



  1. smashing pages Kim and love the flowers. Do you know if there is a British magazine specifically for art journalling? Annette x

  2. Gorgeous layers... giving such depth behind your bold beautiful flowers.
    Alison x

  3. Wonderful pages, love the different layers.

  4. Not just craft, Kim - this is art!

  5. I totally agree Shirley, Kim is so talented:-)

  6. You've achieved some gorgeous, intense colours on the flowers. I love them. Lovely 2 page spread.

  7. Love these gorgeous flowers, Kim. Beautiful journal pages. :)


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