Thursday, 20 February 2014

Art Journal Sharing Thursday

It's my favourite post of the week, time for a bit of Art Journal Sharing Thursday.

My Art Journal Share this week is all about another habit that I'm trying to turn into a regular thing and that is sketching. I've shared a couple of sketches here on my blog in the past, but I would say that I'm not a confident sketcher, I'm trying to change that with regular practice.

I'm trying to do a sketch a day in one of my handmade books and a managed in January but it has got a bit spotty in February, naughty girl! 

I must say that I really enjoy it, particularly if it turns out even the slightest bit decent!

If you happened to have had a copy of Issue 91 Papercraft Essentials from February/ March last year you might recognise the sketch above. I made two Easter-themed altered sardine tins for that issue and this was one of them. I sketched it in January this year for a bit of fun.

Finally this one is a sketch of a mini-stapler, just in case you weren't sure!

Are you a sketcher? Do you keep a sketch book as one of your art journals? I would love to see it so do leave a link if you have posted about it on your blog.

Thanks for popping by and sharing on Art Journal Sharing Thursday.



  1. Love it! You're far braver than I! More sketching is one of my goals for this year, but er, I am still trying to get out of my own way on this. LOL

  2. Lovely images, Kim - I have the same ABC stamp set.

    I was fairly good at sketching when I took my O Level Art in Cyprus but the only plant we ever got to draw was a dried thistle! They were everywhere around the school, and I think (now) the art teacher couldn't have had a car to get out and find something else for us to do!

    When I was teaching, I loved to sit and draw with the pupils whenever I expected it of them. I could have heard readers ... I drew and the kids loved it.

    Now? I write, I craft, I knit, I doodle, rather than draw!

  3. Wow wish I could draw , these are fantastic drawings Kim, long may it continue and long may you enjoy the process. Fabulous. Tracy x

  4. Your sketches are great, I love the little Easter tin. I can't even draw a stick figure.

  5. Good for you Kim. I've just started sketching again myself. Ashamed of how little I've drawn since I left art college. Must improve...

  6. Some lovely sketches going on here :-)



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