Friday, 15 June 2012

Catching Up With Some News

Hey Good Blog Hopping Folks, how are you all doing this Friday?

Looking forward to a creative weekend? Got any creative plans?

Most weekends are work days for me but seeing as my work is my passion it isn't so bad and I would probably be doing the same thing anyway! If I'm too long away from my desk I get a bit fidgety. I think it is the obsessive compulsive in me. So this weekend is unplanned at the moment and will probably involve working on commissions, perhaps some walking and maybe even a swim, we shall see. But a huge improvement on last weekend which was cleaning and scrubbing walls - dullsville!

Ok so my goals this creative weekend - other than working on commissions that is - would be to:

1. Do some journalling
2. Do some more sketching practising
3. I have some new art materials I want to get messy with
4. Plan some upcoming blog posts.

Yikes! Busy weekend again.

So spill - what are you up to?

If you get time I have an article on Design Theory in the current issue of Papercraft Essentials, Issue 82, that you might want to check out.

That is me...

It is a follow on article from the Colour Theory Masterclass I did for Papercraft Essentials issue 79, (which you might want to check out as well if you haven't seen it already).

In this issue I talk about some of the design principles and how to apply them to card making, but you can as easily apply them to whatever format you like. I have to say it is one of my favourite subjects and I'm always looking to improve my designing and train my designer's eye, I think that is one of the ways we all grow in our art and craft. So I hope that you enjoy the article.

Gosh I have wittered on today - most unusual for me!

Well before I leave you to your hopping I have a shout out for you. Nikky Hall of Polkadoodles has asked me to make some samples for her new Studio 12 range which is a digital hybrid range, good for papercrafting of all types. She has a DT call running at the moment and is looking for all sorts of makers but particularly folks not afraid to go in digi-art and mixed media directions, so if you are interested go check out the call on the new Studio 12 Blog.

Oh and a massive THANK YOU to everyone who commented on yesterday's post on my blog and on facebook, I was overwhelmed by the response! You guys are so lovely, we have a lovely crafty/ arty community that I'm so happy to be part of. Looks like I'm going to be showing more sketchy stuff in the future - eek!

Have an ultra-creative Friday.


  1. Your designs were really bright and cheery Kim - loved them.

    You'll be pleased to note this issue not only got read straight away but I've also used the freebie stamps LOL

    Toni xx

  2. Well, I'm building a train track so we can drive 'cars' around it. Go figure. But if I could, I'd love to be having a go at your list! There's only so much chugger chugger toot toot I can take! Have a great weekend. Oh and loving the card downstairs.xx


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