Tuesday, 22 May 2012

ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Watercolour Pens

Now that is a blog title that is straight to the point! My mind went blank and I just couldn't think of anything catchy! 

If you guys are looking for some tips and ideas for your ZIG Art and Graphic Twin watercolour pens then don't forget to check out this month's Creative Cardmaking (issue 41).

It has got lots of different ideas on how to use your markers.

For regular readers of my blog you will probably be feeling a bit of deja vu! I apologise about shouting out about this article again on my blog. I don't usually!

But I know there are some curious folks looking for some ideas on using the pens from some of the comments and questions I've been getting. So for anyone interested have a look-see at the magazine. You can find it in many craft shops and online. Cutting Edge Crafts has it and with free P&P. (I'm not on commission - honest! LOL!)

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  1. I forgot I had this issue - it got buried under a load of stash. Must sit down and have a proper read.

    Toni xx


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