Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Well there are lots of bits and pieces on my workdesk this Wednesday but no actual project. I've just finished three projects and am in the process of sending them off to where they need to get to. Then there is a bit of a tidy up and ready for the next projects!

Yep, that is the inside of a toilet roll on my desk.

That's what is going on with about you?

Catch you later at Julia's place for more WOYWW.



  1. Hi Kim, Wipso is abopv enad below me inthe listings and I wa swapping ATC's with her anyway, so I think you count as my Anniverasy ATC recipient, - woudl you take a look at my desk and let me know if your want a 'queen' a 'school girl' or a steam punk - or there are the oen off 'abstracted eye' and 'red heart queen' to choose from,

    love that you have an inside of a toilet roll on your desk, and a project goes here gap...with beautifully aligned scissors...

    dx ( eighty something - two before you)

  2. Aw lordy - you have no asterix - have an ATC anyway - and I see Wipso has already done the atc thing with
    the person below you - ah aha hahhhaa - I think I may be causing chaos!!!


  3. Ah I reckon most crafter's have the odd loo roll bit somewhere! Take care & enjoy this special WOYWW anniversary! Zo xx 43

  4. Some interesting things on your desk! Happy woyww hugs trace x 39

  5. hi Kim!
    seems we're both toilet roll users while crafting! lol took some time to get my kids and hubby to understand i wasn't joking when i said they couldn't throw them away anymore ;)
    have a happy week
    france #97 xx

  6. Pretty tidy desk if you ask me, and I've told you now, even though you didn't!


    Sarn #57 ish

  7. I can relate, have a great week, hugs

  8. A - nearly - clear desk??? Happy WOYWW, helen 8

  9. Love the loo roll middle (tee hee) where would crafting be without bits like this.

    Happy WOYWW celebrations
    Toni xx

  10. Love the space for the new project .. all that anticipation ! Glad I'm not the only hoarding household rubbish in the hope it will !come in handy"!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier Ali

  11. Love the space for the new project .. all that anticipation ! Glad I'm not the only hoarding household rubbish in the hope it will !come in handy"!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier Ali

  12. Happy WOYWW!
    As a non paper crafter, I have to ask, What on earth are you going to use a toilet roll tube for??? My mind is fair boggling, I can tell!
    Hugs, LLJ #65 xx

  13. I keep saving loo roll insides ...but never actually do anything with them lol Love to see that you HAVE a space to work on..Happy 3rd woyww birthday

  14. I need to see what all these toilet rolls are making. Several people seem to be using them in crafts. I love recycled projects. Happy day after WOYWW from #2.

  15. I think I might know...about the loo rolls...I was goioing to make this book thing using them after I'd seen one in one of the crafty mags, but...I ran out of time. VERY tidy desk, would you like to swap!
    I chickened out of the ATC swap to but have since made a few! Have a great week!
    Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary!
    Playing catch up coz there's never enough time!
    ((Lyn)) #92 I think!

  16. I stick things on or wrap things around my Loo rolls and stamp, roll or do whatever into and on journal pages, what do you do with yours. LOL

    Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
    Eliza #140

  17. Apologies for being so late in getting around to visiting you but finally here. Have you plans to make an album with the toilet-roll inside, I wonder? Elizabeth x #94

  18. Hahaha, love your "project goes here" marker. Hope you've filled that space by now? :)

    Happy WOYWW anniversary!

    Ali #86


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