Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A Bit Of Stitching

Midweek already, would you believe it?

I've not got a card for you today but I have a little bit of my amateur embroidery play :)

This piece takes some influence from the Sea and the eyelet stitching uses a technique from an article by Jean Draper in Oct/Nov Stitch Magazine.

Have a lovely rock pool sort of a day.


  1. Hi Kim, love this idea my favourite colours and a rock pool what an idilic place to be, but not today its pouring down here in cornwall ju x

  2. I do not know where the weeks go. Seriously. It is ridiculous.

    Gorgeous embroidery! Such pretty colours.

  3. Hi Kim, well thank you, it'll be easy to have a rock pool kind of day here, it's pouring down :D! Your embroidery is superb and it looks so professional, I love the abstract quality of it and it does look like an undersea collage, it's so beautiful! I just saw your stitching article in Papercraft Essentials and it's wonderful, I love the cards you made, so different and very striking with the texture of the stitching. Hope you day is less wet than mine :) Hugs, Chris xx

  4. Such beautiful colours and textures.
    Keryn :D

  5. Wow, that's incredible...what beautiful colors.

  6. Hi Kim, your stitching is gorgeous, I gather you enjoy playing with embrodiary, its beautiful. With love and hugs Shrileyxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Rockpool hun? 's wet enough for a tidal wave! Gorgeous stiching - you clever little bean - and delicious colours. Hugs, Squirrel xx

  8. This is very pretty, great textures and gorgeous colours

    Hugs Jackie x

  9. This is wonderful - superb colours and pattern.

  10. Fabulous Kim...... what a clever lady you are!!
    Hugs Tara xx


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