Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blitsy Bow it All Blog Hop

Welcome to the Blitsy Zutter Bow-it-All blog hop!

Did you know that the Zutter Bow-it-All 2.0 is going to be one of the items in the Blitsy Black Friday Sale? Well to get you in the mood for bows the Blitsy Creative Team have been bow making with the original Bow-it-All and sharing their makes for a BIG bit of bow inspiration in our Blitsy Bow-it-All blog hop.

But wait there is also a chance to win your very own Bow-it-All by leaving a comment on my blog and all the blogs in the hop and you can find the link to the blogs below.

I'm in the middle of some Christmas decoration making at the moment so the Bow-it-All has fitted right in and for my inspiration I've made Christmas wreath.

The thing I really like about the Bow-it-All is the clever way you can use the helping hand pegs to add an extra piece of ribbon to the bow to make it super easy to attach the bow to your project.

Now don't forget to hop on through to all the blogs below and leave a comment, the giveaway will end at 10pm CST Thursday 27th Nov 2014 (4am GMT Friday 28th Nov 2014) and is open worldwide.

Good luck in the giveaway.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

8 Etsy Finds For Christmas

If you were reading my blog a week or so ago, or following my Instagram feed, then you will have spotted that I got a bit excited about making some Christmas decoration. Well I've made one so far, progress is a bit slow *sigh*. But I have been having more success looking for Christmas decorations on Etsy* and I've collected together some of my favourite items for a bit of show and tell:

Aren't these just the cutest? It always blows me away what people make, *NEED* all of them!

So the above are:

1. Christmas Felt Bird Wreath from CuriousBloom*
2. Santa Claus Christmas Ornament from ModerationCorner*
3. Christmas Felted Snowman Christmas Decor from MyriamPowellDesigns*
4. Handmade bird Christmas ornament from PuffinPatchwork*
5. Advent Calender Antlers Wooden Reindeer from SlippinSouthern*
6. Reindeer Christmas Pillow cover from ThatDutchGirlPillows*
7. Wood Snowman Decor from TheRustyGoose*
8. Crochet snowflake garland from TheSnowflakeTree*

How are your Christmas preparations going? Have you got any Etsy* finds you would like to share? I would love to know!

Happy shopping.

[*Just so that you know some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links.]

Friday, 21 November 2014

Bright And Bold Bloom Tag Tutorial

Who fancies something cheerful and bright? ME! ME! ME! Yep, I thought that today would be a good day to share a big, colourful bloom tag tutorial using watercolour and pastel pencils. What do you reckon? Are you up for it too?

It is a project revisit and you may have seen it on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft in 2012 but it is new to my blog so I hope you enjoy it and have a go at it yourself.

You will need:
Art Grip® Aquarelle Watercolour pencil (colours: 119, 125) or
PITT® Pastel pencils* (colours: 199, 153, 156, 109, 104, 101, 168, 170)
Kaisercraft Numbers Texture Stamp
Ranger Archival Ink Pad Jet Black

Step 1

Prepare the surface with a layer of gesso then once the gesso is dry lightly draw the outline of a large bloom on the bottom right hand corner. Fill the bloom shape with Masking Fluid* and let that dry. Use the texture stamp and the Ranger Archival ink to stamp in random places.

Then start adding colour using the Watercolour pencils* by picking up the colour with a wet brush from the pencil point and brushing it over the surface.

Step 2

Keep adding colour with the wet brush to get the intensity that you want then run the pencil point along the outer edge of the tag. Use the brush to soften any edges as needed then let the tag dry completely. Load the wet brush with colour then flick the tip to get a colour splatter on the surface. Once the surface is dry peel off the Masking Fluid*.

Step 3

In the space left by the Masking Fluid* draw in the big bloom with a black PITT® Pastel pencils*. You may want to redraw the bloom in lightly with a pencil first to give you some guidelines for the pastel outline.

Step 4 

Start adding colour to the petals by using different tones of your chosen colour of Pastel pencil*; try using the darker tones nearer the centre and bottom of the petal and the lighter tones around the edges.

Add some extra highlights and blending with a white Pastel pencil*.

Step 5

Finish the tag with a hand written sentiment cut out and lined with the black Artist Pen* and some hand drawn Pastel pencil* leaves.

There you have it, a bright, bold, bloom tag!

with lots of lovely layers and textures.

I think these techniques would look lovely on a canvas or a journal page, what do you think?

Thanks for dropping by for my revisited tutorial today.


[*Just so that you know some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links.]

Friday, 14 November 2014

GIVEAWAY! Golden Blitsy Scissors Win $1000

GIVEAWAY TIME and thanks to the lovely folks at Blitsy I have a pair of BLITSY GOLDEN SCISSORS to give away here on my blog.

Hey but these aren't JUST a pair of scissors, oh no. The winner of this pair of scissors will have $10 added to their Blitsy account (it is free to have a Blitsy account by the way) and will be able to enter the Blitsy Grand Prize Draw for one of the following 3 prizes:

Yep! You read it right. Ok, so to learn all about the Blitsy Golden Scissors giveaway, the Grand Prize draw and how to get further entries to win a pair of golden scissors go check out the Blitsy website.

You might also want to keep an eye on Blitsy for Black Friday (28th November 2014) there is going to be a HUGE sale and TONS of giveaways!

For a chance to win one of these coveted pairs of Golden Scissors here on my blog use the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck! Oh and be a love and spread the word (use #blitsygoldenscissors)! Thank you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Hop to the blogs of the Blitsy Creative Team:

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Time For An Update

November is here and the leaves are falling and believe it or not my thoughts are just now turning to Christmas. I say believe it or not because I've actually been making Christmas items since the Summer for magazines etc but I've only just realised that we have a house to decorate rather than a one bedroom flat and the mini-decorations we have been using for the last decade or so aren't going to do the job!

Yep, I had a full-on light bulb moment and a suddenly fizz of excitement when it dawned on me that I should be making some new decorations. *Squeal*.

I might have added a few items to my stash from my local Haberdashery (oh Heaven!) and some strings and glitz bargains from Tiger and I'm making some room in my schedule to get some decorations done.

I'm thinking that I might go, red, silver, greys and gold for my colour combo with a bit of a country cottage theme. Are you making, or have you made, any of your own decorations this year? What colours and themes are you going with this year?

I'm not entirely sure how much I will get done as I've been kind of busy. You might have seen my work in Simply Cards and Papercraft issues 129 and 130, Papercraft Essentials, Creative Cardmaking issue 73 and Creative Stamping issue 20 if you get these magazines, and I'm sorry I've not been doing my usual shout outs here on my blog, starting to think I need to clone myself!

I do have some news for you though, if you haven't seen it already via my social media shouts I've been lucky enough to get through to the Blitsy Creative Team.

Super excited to be working with Blitsy and the rest of the Creative Team.

If you don't already know Blitsy do go check them out, they sell craft products at up to 70% off retail price and you can find some fabulous bargains even with postage and packaging. They have a new sale everyday around 4 pm GMT.

TIP: Blitsy is a US-based company that ship worldwide so don't forget that you have to pay import taxes and duties if you go over certain price limits. Check what is relevant for your country and work out the prices accordingly. For example for the UK the limit is £15, under £15 product value you don't pay any tax on the items when they enter the country.

Blitsy run a Referral scheme so if you use my referral link to join up and make your first purchase I get $10 added to my account. But you can earn money to spend on stash in the shop too when you are a member from your own referral code. Cool, yes?

Ok so I better go work on an article and I'll catch you all later. Meanwhile, leave me a message if you are making your own Christmas decorations, I would love to hear all about them.


Friday, 31 October 2014

Freaky Friday All Hallows' Eve







Hello? Ahhh, Welcome to Kimberley Towers.

What is that you say? Your car has broken down and you want to use our phone?

Oh Yeeesssss, we have a phone...


But do come in out of the rain. Ghastly night isn't it? What? The storm only seemed to start as you walked up our drive?

Mmmm, strange that....

Oh the mistress is busy. Yes always busy making her workshop...all manner of strange things...yeeeesss. No you can't see any of them at the moment.

But let me show you to the phone, it is at the end of this long, dark corridor and we can look at all these past makes on the wall as we walk through.

This one was made after an scandalous stay in a place far, far away, the blood ran that night I can tell you. Oh yeeesss, warm and gooey and red...

I'm sorry, where were we? Oh yeeesss, cobwebs? Yeeesss the maid disappeared sometime ago. You just can not get the staff you know.

Mistress left instructions on how to make those cobwebs and blotchy background in what she calls 'a tutorial' if you are interested.

Ahh these two sisters were such sweethearts, a bit mischievous yeeeesss, but girls will be girls you know? Tragic it was tragic, ***sigh***

It is funny, but sometimes I think I catch a glimpse of them in the corner of my eye or hear a giggle ring through the corridors. But it is just not possible after...the accident...yeeesss, tragic it was.

Oh yeeesss and then there was that fun visit to Dr Jekyll. Oh he was a one, always testing some half-brewed concoction out on his visitors. We still have a bottle of his latest brew in the wine cellar.

Mmm, that reminds me, where are my manners? Perhaps you would like a drink whilst you wait for help to arrive? Mmmm?


Ahh, now you are very privileged to be able to see this one, oh yeeesss, a rare insight into the laboratory of one of the greatest alchemists there ever was, Morticia E'val. Oh, her brews were noxious indeed and always took the form of pretty little cupcakes...

Perhaps I can tempt you with something to eat whilst you wait too? I'm sure she left us a box after her last visit...

This picture? Oh this one is of one of mistress's best friends, in fact there is quite a funny story that goes with this one. Did I say funny? I meant more sort of eerie.

Ahh here we are, the phone room. Yeeesss it did take a long time to get here. Oh yeeesss it is quite deep in the tower. Mmmm? The large lock on the door? Oh no, you don't need to worry about that, you will be quite safe...


Hey wait a minute! Come back! Don't you want to use the phone now?

People these days, you try to help...



It is me, I'm back, sorry I could not resist, Halloween just brings the spooky-silly out in me! And this from a girl who can not watch anything horror at all!

I've been super busy recently with lots of stuff that I can not show you, hence the quiet blog. But if you fancy some spooky Halloween inspiration to get you even more in the mood then have a look at the links above or go through my whole Halloween back catalogue.

Here, have some e-treats!

If you are looking for more Halloween fun then checkout the Blitsy Halloween Party on Facebook this afternoon (2 pm GMT, 9am CST), I think you can just click the 'join in' button, but if not, give me a shout and I will send you an invite.

Oh and if you happen to be a first time Blitsy buyer then please use my referral link to sign up and put your first order in. I get some money added to my account for referring you. Once you have joined you can do the same thing and get your own referral link for all your friends, family and followers to use.

Right I have some articles to finish so I will catch you all later.

Have a lovely Halloween.

Trick or treat anyone?

Kim 'oozing' Dellow

Thursday, 9 October 2014

In The Spotlight - LoShakerato Alberto's New Stamps

You guys are the greatest, thanks for all your lovely comments after my Halloween blog post, I'm glad you enjoyed it and took the time to leave a comment too. I did kind of launch you into it with no warning didn't I? Tee Hee!

Well no tall tales for you today but an introduction on my blog to the new stamps from the amazing LoShakerato Alberto*.

I'm sure a lot of you guys have already come across Alberto in your cardmaking travels. He is an AMAZING colourist and now he has started his own line of stamps too which I know the colouring fanatics amongst you are going to love!

This image and sentiment comes from a set called "On The Frame"* and you can find them in digital form in Alberto's Etsy Shop Shaky A Planet*.

It is a great stamp to colour, I do so love colouring faces and practising to get over my fear of colouring hair!

BIG thanks to Alberto for giving me an excuse to get some colouring practice in with these gorgeous new stamps!

You can find Alberto in several places, he has a blog, a Facebook page, an Instagram stream, and a Twitter feed so go link up with him in your favourite social media outlet.

Then go and checkout his lovely stamps, he is selling his digital stamps on Etsy* and has some clear stamps with L'Artictica Glo in Italy.

Thanks for popping in today.


[*The Esty links are all affiliated links, which means I get a small commission for referring you to Etsy, but it does not cost you or Alberto anything extra but it does help me to run my blog.]

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Taking A Break And A Halloween Make

You know how sometimes you need to step away from a project to be able to see it properly? Well, I had one of those moments the other day, I thought I would step out for a bit of walk and maybe a coffee somewhere. Sometimes a bit of fresh air is just what you need for a creative refresh. 

Of course it is always when I'm away from the computer that all those jobs I need to do on the computer suddenly jump to mind. Like setting up a blog post for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design, mmm a Halloween theme for a special one-off blog post from the DT and guests using a digi-stamp. Mmm what to do? What to do?

I was still throwing ideas around in my head when I found myself in front of a cafe. I'm quite new to this area so I'm often going for random walks to see what I can find. I must have been walking for a while because I wasn't really sure where I was, but the cafe looked nice, Cuckoos' Nest, cute name. Thinking that what I needed was a mocha and a bun I went in. Ooo, free Wifi - sorted!

It was only when I was sat in front of my drink and cake at the table in the back that I realised how busy the cafe was. Logging on to the free Wifi I started to feel a little uncomfortable. The place was busy alright but seemed really quiet. Ha, maybe they are all checking their emails on their phones or taking pictures of their cappuccinos. Yeah, that must be it.

I glanced up; everyone at that table seem to have their hands resting on the table and just seem to be starring at them. Mmm bit weird. Ooo, look a new picture from one of my favourite bloggers on Instagram. Hey it is a cherry Danish with a double mochaccino, LOL! That is exactly what I'm having! *heart*. Ooo yikes I better reply to that email.

I glance up again. That other table seems to be full of people just staring down at their hands on the table too. I look around. The whole cafe is staring at their hands. Even the barista at the counter. OK that is seriously weird. 

But before I can think any more about it, a stream of children all dressed alike enter the cafe. Of course! It must be school chucking out time and this is where the parents wait for their kids.

Except one of the kids comes straight to my table. A chill runs down my spine as she sits in front of me without asking.

'I am Raven,' she says, 'you need to leave now'.

I'm somewhat taken aback. 'But I've not finished my cherry Danish,' I splutter absurdly.

'YOU need to leave NOW'. It is then that I realise that she hasn't opened her mouth to speak nor have her eyes left mine. I'm transfixed in her stare, I can just about manage to tear my eyes away to see that I am surrounded by the children, their eyes wide and unblinking. No, surely that can not be, their eyes seem to be glowing with a startling light.

My heart sinks and my feet feel like lead but the next thing I know I am standing as if a hand had pulled me out of my chair. I waver slightly but my legs move by their own accord and I find myself outside the cafe and in the street.

As the children silently, unblinkingly, file out of the cafe, I have an urge to run and I do, Danish pastry in one hand, mobile phone in the other, I run as fast as I can muster. I run and I run until I reach the end of the street and I risk a look behind me.

The children are still watching me from outside the cafe, Raven at their lead. I don't want to chance it so I move off again but just as I do I notice some strange graffiti on the street sign. The name of the road has been scrubbed out and over an edge someone has written 'Midwich' in, is that blood? No surely not?

Ahh Halloween is coming and I could not resist a scary story. None of it is true but you knew that didn't you? Didn't you? Mwahahah (evil laugh).

The role of Raven was played by 
RockStar Eyes - Alex from SCACD pop on over to have a look at what she usually looks like untouched by Halloween magic! If you haven't guessed it already, the inspiration for my tall Halloween tale and the colouring of Alex is from John Wyndham's book The Midwich Cuckoos. I've also used my favourite stamp at the moment - the Susana Loves Stamps - Montage - Art of Chemistry which you can find either at SCACD or at Quixotic Paperie.

If you hop on over to the SCACD blog you can find out how to win some gorgeous SCACD Digi-stamps and get your free Autumn digi to download now.

Have a good day my craftinators and sleep well tonight. Mwahaha (more evil laughter).

Kim (Not Mad At All) Dellow