Monday, 5 December 2016

Another Birthday Card Design For Men

If you happened by my blog last Monday I shared a male cards in my 'Die-cut Cards for Men' blog post, as well as my general anxiety about calling things either male or female! This week I have another share from the same set of cards that I made for a commission earlier in the year. It is also a male card, and I am still conflicted about calling it that but I do feel better by the fact that it again has the man in question's name on it, so I can't really call it anything else!

A Male Card made by Kim Dellow

I've gone for a simple design again for this card, but well, I think that is the way I role, particularly when I am trying to get things done for deadlines! Also I quite like the challenge of designing with very few elements and when you have a 'busy' paper like the one I used for this range of cards, you can get away with letting the papers speak for themselves.

close up of a Male Card made by Kim Dellow

Die-cutting is perfect for this type of card and I've used a star die with the Stitched Rectangles from My Favorite Things Die-namics range. There is a little bit of dimension as I have used a thin foam pad to stick the shapes to the card front but I tried to keep it flat to keep the cost down for the client if they wanted to send it by post.

Come back next Monday for another male card in this range.


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Friday, 2 December 2016

VIDEO: November Art Slice Round-Up

It is here! It is the month of Christmas! Ooops, I mean it is December everyone.  I know, crazy, right? So as it is the first Friday of the new month I have a quick round-up of my November Art Slice videos, all here in one place. Hope you have been enjoying watching them on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook as they go up week by week.

So shall we start at the beginning of the month?

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

Liquitex Ink Muted Collection Flowers

The beginning of November found me trying the new Muted Collection colours inks from Liquitex.

I really love the muted collection colour palette. It is like a muted version of jewel colours, which are my favourite colours, so am a little obsessed by this collection at the moment.

Materials Used:
Fabriano 5 Watercolour paper
Liquitex Inks Muted Colour Collection
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0

Bubble Art Journal

The next video still finds me experimenting with the Liquitex Muted Collection to make an art journal page.

I started this page with some of the heavy body Muted Collection spread on the surface the I pressed a 'dirty' piece of bubble wrap into the nearly wet surface so that the paint residue on the bubble wrap stayed on the page when the wrap was lifted off. This way you get a bit for texture. Once this was dry I then went on to adding the swirls with the paint pen.

Materials Used: 
Junk Journal
Old plastic gift card/ credit card
Liquitex Heavy Body Muted Violet
Liquitex Heavy Body Muted Pink
Liquitex Heavy Body Muted Grey
Liquitex Heavy Body Medium Magenta
Liquitex Heavy Body Titanium White
Liquitex Soft Body Cerulean Blue Hue
Liquitex Soft Body Prism Violet
Bubble wrap
Sharpie Water-based extra fine point Pen White

Ballpoint Pen and Watercolour

I finally tore myself away from the Muted Collection to go back to some brights and a journal page using different coloured ballpoint pens.

I started this page with a layer of Absorbent Ground which is a great ground for watercolours when you are working on a surface that doesn't usually work well with watercolour.

Materials Used: 
Junk Journal
Papermate InkJoy 100
Staedtler Ball 432
Winsor and Newton Watercolour
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0
Golden Absorbent Ground

Orange And Aqua Journal Page

Another ballpoint pen page and flowers seem to be a big theme with me at the moment!

For this one I used gouache to block out the background after finishing the flower sketch.

Materials Used:
Junk Journal
Turner Gouache
ballpoint pen
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0 

I hope that you are enjoying these mini videos, my next one will be out on my YouTube Channel at 1pm (GMT) today and at around 7pm (GMT) over on my Instagram channel.


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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Art Journal Page Sharing

I have some art journal pages to share again with you today, this time last week I shared three art journal projects, two from my junk journal, this week I have three more to share. All six projects were made around about the same time, so there is some cross over in the materials used and the style and look for some of them. But they are all different too.

This first page that I am sharing with you is a sister to the Art Slice mini-video 'Bubble Art Journal' that I shared on the 11th November.

Kim Dellow Art Journal page swirls

It is worked on the same acrylic paint background which was made using the new Liquitex Muted Collection paints. I've added a cluster of tight swirls with a white Sharpie paint pen and a looser, large swirl drawn with a black Sharpie paint pen. I've also added in some lettering and a cluster of thick short line marks.

If you watch the Art Slice mini-video 'Bubble Art Journal Art Slice. you will get a good idea of how I put the background together for this.

The next share is something a little different. It is a ballpoint pen sketch on a gesso page in my Junk Journal.

Kim Dellow geometric shapes art journal page

I was playing with geometric shapes and just organically doodling away to see what would happen. I quite like the mix of straight lines with curves. It was almost meditative doing this page, I was only going to do a few shapes then it turned into a large, page filling pattern of shapes.

For my final share another swirl-inspired project like the first project above.

This one uses paint pen swirls, heart and lettering on an acrylic paint and junk journal background. I think the green of the picture from the junk journal page really adds to the final look of the project, but then that is the joy of using junk journals isn't it?

Shout if you have some journal pages you want to share, I would love to see so leave a comment with a link below.


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Monday, 28 November 2016

Die-cut Cards For Men

I often um and ah about labelling my card designs specifically for men or women. Cardmakers often talk about cards for men or cards for women, but I try to be a bit nebulous about it, if I can, when I share my makes. Because, well, I will be honest, I often LOVE cards that have supposedly been made with men in mind and sometimes I even love them more than some cards that are labeled for women. So, really, do we have to label them?

Although, having said that, this card is definitely a card for a male person, I mean look, it even has his name on it! I can't really get away with being nebulous about it. This is a man's card, made for a man by a women, so I'm still not really sure if a man likes it or what makes it a 'man's' card, but I like it and I hope that is enough!

Superhero inspired die-cut card by Kim Dellow

And for any Marvel fans out there can you guess the superhero inspiration for the design for this one? Do you see it? I mean it is obvious right? Answers on a postcard to...

I do have some other cards for men using die-cuts, that I made for the same commission, to share with you over the next few weeks and again, I know they are for men as they have their names on them too!

close up of a Superhero inspired die-cut card by Kim Dellow

So what makes a man's or a women's card for you? What sort of themes or colours do you go for or avoid when you design a card for a man or a women? Or perhaps I should ask what are your favourite cards that you receive and then let me know if you are male or female!

Oh and if you can't see which Marvel superhero, shout and I will let you know.

Catch you later.


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Friday, 25 November 2016

Christmas Wrapping With M&S

I may be a papercrafter but I am embarrassed to say that when it comes to gift wrapping, I'm more 'Is is the gift covered?' than professional papercrafter style. And let's not even talk about wrapping the odd-shaped presents! But recently I had the good fortune to be invited along to a Christmas wrapping event with Marks & Spencer to wrap 150 presents for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

It was a great opportunity to do something nice for the patients, their relatives and the staff at an amazing hospital, whilst hanging out with other bloggers plus being able to pick up a few wrapping tips all at the same time.

M&S Christmas Decorations, gifts and wrap

The halls were decked and we all felt very festive as we wrapped our way through an assortment of M&S gifts, from toys for the children to gift items for the adults. Some were super easy to wrap – give me a box shape to wrap any day. Some were a bit more challenging but for these we had M&S nibbles and drinks to help us through!

There were three main techniques shared for making stylish gift wrap presents: the pleated wrap, the pocket wrap and the DIY gift bag technique; you can see a video for each of them plus a video for a lovely bow over in the Marks & Spencer's New Way With Wrapping Guide.

M&S presents under the tree

The enormous green Christmas Cracker-shaped present with the little sausage dogs wearing Santa's hats on the paper, under the tree on the left, is one of mine!

My personal favourite from the tips that were shared was the DIY gift bag technique and I thought I would give that a go when M&S challenged me to wrap a difficult-shaped item from their range. Perfect for these Pull On Fairisle Slipper Boots, I mean what could be more difficult to wrap? Well apart from something round perhaps! So armed with a pack of Christmas wrap, tags, twine, ribbon and adhesive tape, I made a DIY gift bag.

Wrapping a M&S gift

Making a DIY Gift bag from M&S paper, folding over the bottom

Making a DIY Gift bag from M&S paper, making the bottom

A M&S gift wrapped present ready to go

I changed my wrapping up a little bit and added some tissue paper in the top before closing the bag then tied some ribbon around the excess wrap to give it a Christmas cracker-like end. Not that Christmas cracker-style wrapped presents is an obsession with me or anything (Whispers: *it so is).

And because I am a papercrafter and can't leave anything papery alone, I also cut out some holly leaf shapes from green cardstock, lightly folded them down the middle and added them in a cluster on the back of the tag. Just to give it another personal touch.

Making cardstock Holly leaves for a tag

A massive thank you to M&S for the evening of wrapping, the gift and the wrapping paper but also for all those great gifts going to Great Ormond Street Hospital, what a wonderful idea.

I hope you find their Christmas wrapping guide useful, I certainly did and will be using this gift bag technique again. I might even try some of the pleated wraps too.

[This post is a sponsored collaboration with Marks & Spencer. All the photographs, words and views are my own]

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sharing Art Journal Projects

I've been really enjoying getting back into doing my art for myself this week. I don't know if this happens to you, but often I find that my own work can fall by the wayside when I have deadlines to meet and art to do for other people. But this week I have, for once, got ahead of my deadlines and have found some space in my schedule to do some play in my junk journals. So I thought I would share with you some of the results. It is a mixed batch of different things but with a common theme, which I seem to be going back to a lot at the moment, and that is black line work on a colour background.

The first one isn't actually in my journal but on some watercolour paper and is along the same lines as my recent 'Watercolour Worlds' Art Slice. You can see the video for that one over on my YouTube Channel if you haven't seen it already. It will give you an idea of how I did this one as I used the same technique, just a different pen.

Kim Dellow Watercolour and paint pen floral cluster art

I've used Prima Marketing watercolours with a Sharpie paint pen to make this floral cluster design. I'm pretty obsessed with watercolour shapes and inked detail at the moment, you may have noticed?! Got to work it out of my system!

Next show-and-tell art journal page is a couple of mandalas drawn with a ballpoint pen over the top of some leftover colour, where I've just cleaned my mark making tools in my journal.

Kim Dellow ballpoint pen mandalas

The paint in the background is some of the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints. They make a really nice surface to draw over with an ordinary ballpoint pen, it is their chalky finish. I blocked out the spaces between the two mandalas with some fine lines using the pen.

The last share I have for you today is some pattern play in one of my junk journals. Actually this page is opposite the page above, but I've folded it over for the photography.

It's also based on a leftover paint page and I've worked the pattern with a white and a black Sharpie paint pen. It is really just an experimental piece trying to extend my patterns and try out different looks. There are no rules I just try to fill the page with different marks and shapes. It's fun, you should try it if you don't do it already!

I hope you have had some time in your schedule to play in your journals too, do share if you have, drop me a link below. I look forward to seeing them!


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Monday, 21 November 2016

A Handmade Birthday Card For A Fashionista

I worked out recently that I have made around 360 projects this year for magazines, give or take a few and 95% of those have been cards. That sounds like a lot of cards when you starting adding it up! But this doesn't take into account the cards I make for personal commissions, so add them into the mix and what, we are looking at over 400 cards for 2016 at least.

Then you look at my blog over the last year and I rarely have any cards on it. Crazy! So you might be mistaken into thinking that I don't make cards anymore but I do, honest! If you popped by my blog a couple of weeks ago you would have spotted a card I made for Simply Cards and Papercraft Issue 156 in my blog post 'Cards For Tech-Heads'.

But that is not all. For further proof that I am still making cards, I have another one for you today. I know! It's like busses, no cards for ages then you get two in a row. What is that about?

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

A mixed media card for a Fashionista by Kim Dellow

So this card was a personal commission for a birthday and I decided to go with a mixed media-spin. The dress is made using collage and gouache and the figure and lettering is gouache with a brush. Just in case you wanted the details.

If you have been following my Art Slice videos then you will know that I've been playing a lot with gouache recently. I really like it as a colouring medium, the colours are bright and bold with gouache but I'm still playing and trying to find my way with it.

A mixed media card with paint for a Fashionista by Kim Dellow

This particular gouache that I used for this card is pearlescent and so pretty. I've used the Turner Acryl Gouache Colour Pearl Mint for the body and dress with Colour Pearl Red and Colour Pearl Lemon on the dress as well.

I'll admit it, I am little addicted to these paints! The pearlescent is much more shiny than I've been able to capture with the photos.

Close up of the mixed media card by Kim Dellow

Ok, your turn, spill the beans, how many cards have you made this year? Rough numbers will do. Oh, and I still have a Christmas card commission to finish so you can add those into the total too! But it isn't a competition (it so is! #SheWhispersUnderHerBreath).

Catch you later Card-inators!


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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Cards For Tech-Heads!

If you know someone who is into their technology and you need some card ideas for them then you might want to get your hands on the current issue of Simply Cards and Papercraft (issue 156).

Kim Dellow's Technology makes for Simply Cards and Papercraft issue 156

I've got a whole article brimming with different ideas for cards and a gift, covering different occasions, and all based around technology, you know - mobile phones, gaming, laptops the lot. Being a bit of a tech-head and gamer myself it was fun to come up with some techie-themed makes for this issue.

Also with this issue of Simply Cards and Papercraft is a really pretty embossing folder free gift with matching dies and stamps that I am really looking forward to playing with when I get the chance. Have you seen it yet? Lovely. Every year I keep my eye out for new snowflake stamps and dies as they are so handy to have in the stash.

Free gift with Simply Cards and Papercraft issue 156

I might use these on the Christmas card commissions I still have left to make. There are also some lovely Christmas stamps that came with some recent issues of Creative Stamping that I might use too. I can't quite believe that we are so near to Christmas! I've been making Christmas commission projects since May so now we are only, what, five or six weeks from the day itself, I can't get my head around that there isn't much time left to finish this year's cards!

Zoinks! I better get on with it. Good luck if you are in the same boat as me!

Catch you later.


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Monday, 7 November 2016

AS FEATURED ON: Blitsy With Oil Pastels, Distress Crayons and Artist Painstiks

I don't know if you have spotted them yet but in the past week or so I have had three step by steps how-tos posted on the Blitsy blog. I thought I would put a heads-up here so that if you haven't spotted them and you fancy taking a look, you can do.

All three projects are different and use different products but they do have a common theme and that is they all use some sort of pigment in a stick format. Stay with me, you will soon get what I mean!

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

Get Started With Oil Pastels

So the first pigment-in-a-stick post shares a project idea to help you to get started with oil pastels.

Oil pastel tutorial by Kim Dellow

Now I used Sennelier Oil Pastels for this make but you can easily go for another brand of oil pastel for this project and there are plenty of them about to choose from.

Oil pastels are a great way to add a lot of colour easily and quickly to a project. But unless you are used to using them they may be a little intimidating to start with. So this project uses a really simple shape and a couple of fun techniques to get you started and you can find all the instructions in my 'How To Get Started With Oil Pastels' blog post.

Art Journaling With Distress Crayons

The next project uses the Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Crayons.

Tim Holtz Ranger Distress Crayons Art Journal Page by Kim Dellow

For this project I've used several techniques and utilised the different properties of Distress Crayons to build up a colourful art journal page with them. You can spot a resist, a subtractive technique, some water-reactive techniques and then just the lovely thickness of using the crayon as it is. So I hope you have fun playing with this one and you can see all the steps in my 'How To Make A Tim Holtz Distress Crayon Art Journal Page' blog post.

But don't forget that I also have a film comparing Distress Crayons and Crayola Slick Stix on my YouTube channel and that contains lots of techniques for trying out with your crayons.

Playing with Shiva Artist Paintstiks

The final project in this stick-format pigment mini-series explores the Shiva Artist Paintstiks.

Shiva Artist Paintstiks art journal page tutorial by Kim Dellow

The Shiva Artist Paintstiks have been around for many years but they tend to be overlooked by non-textile artists as they were originally designed to be used on fabric. So like the Sennelier Oil Pastels that we started with today they are an artist quality oil pigment stick but they work particularly well on fabric as once dry they don't move or smudge, so are a great way to add designs to fabric.

But I've not used them on fabric for this make, I've made an art journal page in one of my paper junk journals and I share all the steps over on my 'How To Make An Art Journal Page With Shiva Artist's Paintstiks' blog post.

There you have it, three different stick products for adding colour to a project and three different projects stuffed full of ideas and techniques for using the sticks on your next project.

Let me know how you get on!

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Friday, 4 November 2016

VIDEO: Art Slice October Round Up

Hi Everyone, would you believe it? November is here! I know, crazy! But before we completely get into a new month of Art Slice videos let's have a recap of October's Art Slices shall we?

October found me playing with gouache and watercolours again and I have three films to share with you, if you haven't seen them already, and all three use different techniques. I hope you enjoy them and feel inspired to make your own Art Slice!

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

So here are October's Art Slice videos:

Mark Making With Household Objects 

Marking making with household objects is such good fun and for this video I used bottle tops, cotton buds (Q-tips) and an old toothbrush for some mixed media colour.

Toilet roll tube
Bottle lid
Cotton bud
Toothbrush - old!
Caran d'Ache : Studio Gouache
Bockingford : Spiral Fat Pad
Winsor and Newton Galeria white Gesso

Book Page Blooms

Back to a favourite of mine watercolour-look flowers. I'm really enjoying gouache at the moment and I often jump between using gouache and watercolours for these types of projects. These flowers use gouache and are really simple but very effective, old book pages make everything look good, right?! I have some up-coming projects that I thought they might work well for, so keep your eye out for them!

Old book pages
Turner Acrylic Gouache Japanesque Colours Tenmyouya's Collaboration
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0

Halloween Pumpkin

The last of my October Art Slice videos was a little bit of Halloween fun! I do love to do something silly and fun for Halloween and this year I made a little pumpkin illustration/ animation. If you haven't seen this one yet, then watch it through to the end!

Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections Watercolor - Tropicals
Ballpoint pen
Fabriano Classico 5 Fat Pad 300g/m (140lb)
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0 

That is it for October, but if you are wondering why there are only three videos, it was mine and David's anniversary so we took a week off!

I will have my first November Art Slice out later today so do sign up to my Instagram and YouTube channel to see it there first. If you click on the notifications for my YouTube channel it even lets you know when I have a new video to watch!

Have a fun Friday!


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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

AS FEATURED ON: The PaperArtsy Blog - Video Using Die cuts

I'm over on the PaperArtsy blog today with a new walkthrough video. The theme for the PaperArtsy challenge at the moment is 'Die Cuts' so my video shows a start to finish process video for an art journal page using some of my latest PaperArtsy products and Fresco Finish paints.

Kim Dellow: Art journals page for PaperArtsy using die cuts

I am using my third stamp set, PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamps EKD03, with my new stencils to decorate this page. Yep! If you haven't seen them yet I have three new stencils as part of my PaperArtsy range! They should be hitting the shops soon so keep an eye out for them. I'm super excited about them because I do love stencils and I quite often make my own from paper and card so having some of my very own long-lasting Mylar ones is fantastic!

In the video I am covering various ideas for how to incorporate die-cuts in art journal pages such as using them to build focal points or for adding texture and dimension and even for using them as a tool to help add colour during the making of the page. They are some of my favourite die cut and mixed media mash-up techniques that I am sharing, so I hope you have fun with them too!

Kim Dellow: close up of an Art journals page for PaperArtsy using die cuts

The die-cut challenge is running on the PaperArtsy blog until 16th Oct 2016 and if you add your PaperArtsy-inspired make to their challenge page you could win £50 to spend in the shop, so don't forget to link up your work!

You can see the video either over on the PaperArtsy blog or over on my YouTube channel. I also have a mini tutorial on the PaperArtsy blog with still photos if you can't watch the video at the moment because you boss is in the office and you forgot your headphones *wink*!

Right, I'm off! Catch you later!


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Saturday, 1 October 2016

VIDEO: Art Slice September Round Up

Happy October to you all! I know, it is hard to believe we are in October already but before we leave September behind, here, as promised, is the round up of all my September Art Slice videos in one place. If you missed my introduction to my new Art Slice series and any of August's Art Slices then you can find them in my August round up post.

I'm thinking of maybe doing a show and tell in my Art Slice round up post and sharing some of the makes that people share with me after being inspired by one of my mini-art videos. So if you have anything you want to share, that has been inspired by one of my Art Slice videos, get in touch or use the #KimDellowArtSlice hashtag on social media so that I can find it.

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

So here are September's Art Slice videos:

Brush Pen Bloom

I think this might be one of my favourites so far, I really enjoy using brush pens, I love the ability to alter the thickness of the mark in one swirl of the hand!

Deep Blue Kuretake brush writer (UK Amazon)
ZIG® Wink of Stella Glitter Brush: (UK Amazon)(US/Worldwide Blitsy)
ZIG® Watercolour System BrusH2O Detailer: (UK Amazon); (US/Worldwide Blitsy)
Global Art Fluid Watercolor Paper Block - Cold-Press - 6" x 8" (US/Worldwide Blitsy)

Gouache Flower Buds

I wanted to play a bit more with gouache, see what I can do with it and how it feels and works for me, so I've been dipping into it every now and again.

Caran d'Ache : Studio Gouache (UK/Worldwide Jacksons Art)
Global Art Fluid Watercolor Paper Block - Cold-Press - 6" x 8" (US/Worldwide Blitsy)
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0 (UK/Worldwide Jacksons Art)

Watercolour Worlds

Totally abstract with this one and going back to watercolours for a little bit of pen work fun.

Bockingford : Spiral Fat Pad : 300gsm : A4 : 25 Sheets : Not (UK/Worldwide Jackson's Art)
Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections Watercolor - Decadent Pies colours 31 and 32
Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections Watercolor - The Classics colour 11
Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections Watercolor - Tropicals colour 23
Sakura Micron Pigma pen 05 (US/Worldwide Blitsy); (UK/Worldwide Jackson's Art)
Size 8 Round brush

Abstract Circle Cluster With Marker Pen

Another abstract sketch and again focusing on circles, I mean who doesn't like circles after all! This time I thought I would have a play with some watercolour marker pens for the coloured background.

ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Pens
Sakura Micron Pigma pen 05 (US/Worldwide Blitsy); (UK/Worldwide Jackson's Art)
Seawhite A4 Travel Sketchbook

Mini Gouache Flowers

Back to some playing with gouache again for my latest Art Slice. For this one I just wanted to play around with a cute floral pattern. It is a very simple pattern but the brightness of the gouache works really well with it I think.

Bockingford : Spiral Fat Pad :11x15in : 25 Sheets : Rough (UK/worlwide) Jackson's Art
Turner : Acrylic Gouache : Set of 12x11ml : Japanesque Colours : Tenmyouya's Collaboration (UK/worlwide) Jackson's Art
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0 (UK/worlwide) Jackson's Art
Da Vinci Nova Series 1570 Size 3/0 (UK/EU) CurtisWard

Hope you enjoyed last month's Art Slices, remember you can see a new Art Slice from me every Friday on my Instagram feed or on my YouTube Channel. Let me know if you have been inspired in any way by them, I would love to see what you create! #KimDellowArtSlice


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Friday, 30 September 2016

AS FEATURED ON: Blitsy - How To Make A Textured Art Journal Page

I have a new tutorial up on the Blitsy blog at the moment and this week I've been playing with some Prima Marketing products and making a textured art journal page with a neutrals colour scheme.

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

Close up of a Prima Marketing art journal page by Kim Dellow

Well I say art journal page but I can see this design lending itself well to cards or if you added a photograph then it would make a lovely scrapbook page. Put it on a canvas and you would have some home decor for a wall. So it really is one of those multi-usable designs if you know what I mean?! The background colour is a mix of the Prima Marketing watercolours and some Tim Holtz Distress inks and I've added in a little bit of acrylic paint in there too.

This is not my usual type of colour scheme as I am drawn to brights and jewel colours normally, but it is fun to mix it up a bit from time to time isn't it? There is also some die-cuts and stamping thrown into the mix as well as some stencilling and a resist. Oh and did I mention the crumpled up old book page? Mmm I think that's everything covered but you can see all of the details and the steps over on my 'How To Make A Textured Art Journal Page' on the Blitsy blog.


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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Video Hop: 1 Stamp 3 Ways

Who fancies a video hop?! You do? Great because we have one going on right here!

Welcome to the 1 Stamp 3 Ways video hop!

Michelle ShortSharon Curtis and myself thought it might be fun to do a little video hop where we each make a project using a stamp set and share the project on each of our YouTube channels. The stamp set we are all using is my new set from PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamps EKD03 so I am doubly excited to see what everyone comes up with!

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]
Video hop Card by Kim Dellow

I love the work of both Michelle and Sharon and I'm sure you probably know them already. You will have spotted Sharon on Create and Craft recently sharing lots of gorgeous ideas and new products with us, she is also the creative brain behind Glitterangel Designs. Michelle is the creative brain behind The Card Grotto where she shares fabulous card making projects, her latest crafty stash and some sneaks of her craft room, both on her blog and her YouTube channel. Both ladies are amazing and I'm tickled pink that they are using my new stamp set!


For my project I've used some masking and stenciling techniques with paint and stamping to make this card.

The products I've used are:
PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamps EKD03: (UK/Worldwide) PaperArtsy; (US/Worldwide) Simon Says Stamp
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish acrylic paints: (UK/Worldwide) PaperArtsy; (US/Worldwide)  Simon Says Stamp
Colours - Cheesecake, Mermaid, Cherry Red, South Pacific
MISTI (US/Worldwide) Simon Says Stamp
Ranger Archival ink - Jet Black (US/Worldwide) Blitsy
Flat blush
Paper, copy/ printer

Card made using stamping and stenciling by Kim Dellow

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Friday, 16 September 2016

TUTORIAL: Box Vignette With WOW Embossing Powder

I am fascinated by little stories encased in small boxes or tins, little vignettes or dioramas made on a miniature scale and enclosed in an improbable object. Do you know the sort of thing that I mean?  It is like a sneak peek into someone's life or imagination but in miniature. I'm not sure what it is I love about them so much. It could be the spark of inspiration that they incite in me as I imagine the story that they depict or if it is the miniature world that they make. I just find them enthralling.

If you have seen any of my sardine tin art then you will have seen some of this obsession coming out. But I haven't done one for a long old while and in fact the project I am sharing today was made way back in 2013! I am also sharing the step by step for this project today but the papers and stamps are a little out of date now, however, you can can easily swap them out for other stamps and papers if you do not have these exact ones in your stash.

Flower in a Vase in a box by Kim Dellow

What You Will Need:
Kaisercraft: Graffiti Texture Clear Stamp
WOW! Embossing Powders: Earthtone Mint; Earthtone Blueberry; Earthtone Paprika; Pearlescent Gold Satin Pearl
WOW! Embossing Pen
WOW! Melt-It!
Tsukineko VersaMark ink pad
Square Wood Shadow Box Frame 10cm x 10cm x 3.5cm (4" x 4" x 1 1/2")
Prima Marketing Lifetime paper pad
Glass mini bottle
Seed beads
Craft Wire (1.02 mm / 18 gauge)
Heat tool
Ranger Melting pot
Pie dish
Heat resistant spatula and tweezers
Golden Soft Gel Medium
Glue Stick

To Decorate The Box

STEP 1: 

Step 1 Decorating the box by Kim Dellow

Cover the box with torn pieces of the patterned paper using gel medium and let the box dry. Then stamp the top left corner of the box with the VersaMark ink. 


Step 2 Decorating the box by Kim Dellow

Sprinkle the Blueberry embossing powder over part of the stamping, catching the excess on spare paper.


Step 3 Decorating the box by Kim Dellow

Repeat for the Paprika and Mint embossing powders until the stamping is covered with all three colours and heat set them. Then repeat for the bottom right hand corner and the inside of both corners.


Step 4 Decorating the box by Kim Dellow

Add glue stick to the corners decorated with the embossing powder.


Step 5 Decorating the box by Kim Dellow

Cover with Blueberry embossing powder.

STEP 6: 

Step 6 Decorating the box by Kim Dellow

Heat set the powder then repeat the process with the Mint embossing powder until you are happy with the coverage. Add glue stick over the edges of the box both inside and out and sprinkle with the Pearlescent Gold Satin Pearl embossing powder and heat set. Finish with two thin doilies, or one thick doily, stuck on the inside.

To Make The Bottle Vase And Flower


Step 1 make the flower in a bottle by Kim Dellow

Cut two circles from the designer paper and thread them onto wire. Use the pliers to bend the wire into a spiral in the centre of the circles.


Step 2 make the flower in a bottle by Kim Dellow

Add gel medium thinly over areas of the paper flower and under and over the top of the wire. Then dip the flower into the Blueberry powder, tap off the excess and dip into the Paprika. Tap off excess again and heat set.


Step 3 make the flower in a bottle by Kim Dellow

Bend two pieces of the wire into swirls and add random drops of gel medium. Dip the wire into the Mint powder, tap off the excess and heat set.


Step 4 make the flower in a bottle by Kim Dellow

Melt the Melt-It! with seed beads in a pie dish either in a melting pot if you have one or by holding it with a wooden clothes peg and melting the powder with a heat tool. If you have a melting pot stand the mini glass bottle in it and pour in the molten powder and beads from the pie dish. If you don't have a melting pot pour the liquid embossing powder and beads into the bottle quickly and move directly onto Step 5.

You can also use the heat tool over the mouth of the bottle to help keep the powder molten as you pour.


Step 5 make the flower in a bottle by Kim Dellow

Add the flower and swirls to the molten powder in the bottle, if the bottle is in the melting pot then remove it with heat-resistant tools (it’s very hot!).

Let the bottle cool completely before bending the wires as needed and sticking it inside the box.


Here is a close up of one of the embossed corners:

close up on Flower in a Vase in a box by Kim Dellow

Front of Flower in a Vase in a box by Kim Dellow

I have a whole story behind this little vignette box but I don't want to taint what your imagination comes up with, so I will keep my story to myself and give you the space to come up with your own story! But feel free to share your stories around this piece with me, I would love to hear them.

Have fun with it and if you want to see some of my other box vignettes then click on the pictures below:

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