Monday, 27 February 2017

Fashion Artist And Illustrators To Follow On Instagram

Did you watch London Fashion Week last week? All caught up with what is hot and not this season and next season? I have to admit that I am a bit clueless when it comes to fashion, would not know my *insert current top designer's name here* from my *insert a different current top designer's name here*, yes it is that bad, I don't even know the current top names in the fashion industry, I did warn you I was clueless! But I do have a massive admiration, and a smattering of jealousy, for all the art and talent that goes into it.

Different Dresses outlines by Kim Dellow

From the textile art and surface design of the clothes to the artists that illustrate fashion, there is just so much to be inspired by. So fashionista or not, if you are looking for some people to follow on Instagram for a bit of daily fashion artist and Illustrator inspiration then here are some suggestions:

Fashion Art And Illustrators To Follow On Instagram:

1. Hodaya Louis @hodayalouis - Works in a whole range of different mediums and a varied style. Just love her face art but she also can render a fashion form seemingly effortless, which obviously it isn't, with just a few marks, it is pretty awesome! She also has a website, Hodaya Louis, and sells prints of her work.

2. Megan Ruth St Clair Morgan @mrscmillo - Works a lot in pen/ink and watercolour. I just love her continuous line style and how she can give the essence of the form with line and a touch of colour. She also has a portfolio website at MRSCMILLO.

3. Beth Briggs Illustration @bethbriggsillustration - Has a signature bright pastel colour style and I love her illustrative look. I also love that she really only started turning her hobby into a career after she turned 50. You can also find out about her in her etsy shop BBriggsIllustration.

4. Marie-Klara Gonzalez @marieklaragonzalez - Has a very contemporary illustrative style, I love her surface design and fashion drawings. You can also find her through Miss Capricho where she displays her client work.

5. Elena Ciuprina @elenaciuprina - Has a very bold line and block colours style which I really love. She is another artist who experiments with different mediums and different looks which is fun to watch. She also has a portfolio on Behance under her name Elena Ciuprina.

6. Jacky Marshall @jackyblue__ - Uses all sorts of items in her work, lots of different types of pen work but then the odd addition of fabric and paper collage too. I love her quick line drawings and her use of colour and pattern.

Dress outlines with patterns by Kim Dellow

I hope that you enjoy exploring the feeds of these artists.

So what about you? Which fashion illustrators and artists do you follow and why do you like them?



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Friday, 24 February 2017

VIDEO: Timelapse Art Journal Page - Gelli Plate Collage

Gelli Plate collage journal page by Kim Dellow

I've a little treat for you today. I was working on some art journal pages for my blog post today, thinking that I would do another art journal page share like I did for last Friday's blog post. But this time I decided to film the whole thing in case something came out of it. So instead of just sharing project pictures today with you today I have a little extra in the form of a timelapse video showing the whole process for this art journal share. I hope you enjoy it!

The page is built in my junk journal and I've used layers of paint with some Gelli plate prints using paints and stencils then used these printed papers to build up a focal point with layers. I didn't have time to add a voice over so it is just set to music, but if there is anything you want to know just ask either below in the comments or over on my YouTube Channel!

VIDEO: Timelapse Art Journal Page: Gelli Plate Collage

[There are some affiliate links in this blog post, so if you buy through them I do get a small amount of money at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks for your support!]

Winsor and Newton Galleria Gesso
Gelli Plate 3 x 5 inch
Ranger medium brayer
PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamp EKD05, Stencils PS040 and PS048
StencilGirl Loopy Ladders L434 stencil
Liquitex Paint - Muted Turquoise, Light Blue Permanent and Brilliant Yellow Green (heavy Body); Prisma Violet (soft body)
WHSmiths gold acrylic paint
Fabriano Accademia Artist Paperpack 200 sheets 120 gsm
Palette Knife
Plastic card
Sharpie paint pen - black
Craft foam
Waffle Flower Doily Die

Close up of the butterfly on the Gelli Plate collage journal page by Kim Dellow

I would really love for you to join me on myYouTube channel, you might have spotted that I am really trying to make a go of it this year and I am getting into the habit of filming more and learning how to get better at producing the films. So if you haven't already then please do come and say 'hi' and subscribe to my channel to get the latest videos as they go live.

See you there!



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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

VIDEO: Textured And Layered Art Journal Page Using Stamped Layers And Watercolours

Kim Dellow Layered and textured art journal page

If you didn't think you could make a textured, layered watercolour art journal page then I hope that my video today will change your mind! We are all quite use to using acrylic paints to add layers to our art journal pages but how about watercolour layering? It is a little harder as watercolour will react to water even after it is dry but it is still possible to work on a watercoloured background without it washing away!

And as for adding texture with watercolours, well there are lots of methods some you might be very familiar with such as using large salt grains or crunched up cling film or Saran wrap, but there are other methods too like using stencils and I share one way to use your stencils to add texture to your watercolours today along with methods for layering and creating this art journal page.

VIDEO: Art Journal: PaperArtsy Stamped Layers And Watercolours

PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamps EKD04, EKD05, EKD06 and Stencil PS040
Winsor and Newton Artist Watercolour paint
Prima Marketing Decadent pies Watercolour paint
Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour pencils
Ranger Archival Jet Black ink
Layout Paper
Course sea salt
Bockingford Watercolour paper

You may have spotted that I have used the new stamps and stencils that I designed for the PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} range?! If you haven't seen the new release yet then pop to my new PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamp And Stencil Release February 2017 blog post from Sunday.

Meanwhile here are some close up pictures of this project, I love the way that the stencil texture peeks through the butterfly!

close up of the texture on the Layered and textured art journal page by Kim Dellow

more of the texture on the Layered and textured art journal page by Kim Dellow

Hope you enjoyed watching the video and shout if you have any questions!



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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck

It is a real treat to be able to post another set of stunning art from another amazing Artist. Yesterday we were delighted by lots of gorgeous clean and simple design inspiration from Michelle Short using the new the PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} stamps and stencils. If you missed it you can catch up with it in yesterday's Showcase blog post.

Today we have the gorgeous work of Anneke De Clerck and her lovely samples using these new products. Anneke works with mixed media and she is amazing at layering.

So let's kick off with a bright and cheery tag with lots of layers first.

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck Warm colours tag

Anneke has used one of the small flower stencils from PS048 and I think I even spot one of the stamps from my first PaperArtsy release EKD01 to make the background. Then she has used stamps from the new EKD04 to build up the foreground.

Next is a lovely single stem circle flower with stamps again from EKD04 and EKD05. The sentiment is from EKD01.

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck Single Bloom Card

Next up is a pair of beautiful tags which have so many amazing layers that I might actually miss which products she has used! So forgive me if I do! I spot the retro shapes stencil PS040 with stamps from EKD06. Then layering of the small flowers stencils PS048 used in different ways. Very cleverly and beautifully done!

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck Matching Tags

I love Anneke's use of colour and you can see that in this tag which uses the leaf stencil from PS048 and stamps from EKD06. And for another completely different look scroll down to the next card and the pattern Anneke has made using the small round stamp from EKD06.

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck Yellow and Blue Tags

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck Circle Pattern Card

Some more layering and Use of the small circle again from EKD06 plus one of the flowers from that set too.

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck Bright page

For this next project can you spot all the stamping work in the background? Anneke has made some more patterns this time using the heart stone stamp from EKD06, and you can see the hearts again as a little highlight in the bottom left-hand corner.

There is also some texture from the texture stamp in EKD05 and a great use of a small flower stencil from PS048 to make a focal point. The sentiment is from EKD02.

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck Enjoy the little things

For the final samples Anneke has gone all textured with some texture paste through the large flower stencil PS046, and I just love the way she has coloured this!

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Anneke De Clerck Big Bloom Texture

I hope that you enjoyed these samples, weren't they gorgeous? A Big, Big thank you to Anneke for her wonderful work.

If you haven't yet, do go and visit Anneke De Clerck's blog Some Fiddling On The Kitchen Table, you can catch all of her colourful adventures there as well as on Facebook and Instagram too. So go say 'hi' and sign up to her feeds for more inspiration.



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Monday, 20 February 2017

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Michelle Short

It is a little nerve wracking asking people to work with something new that you have designed. I don't know if other designers feel this too but there is something amazing about seeing the sketches that you did being turned into products that other people are, hopefully, going to have fun with.

So seeing the way that Michelle Short and Anneke De Clerck breathed life into these products for the February Release of the new stamps and stencils in the PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} range with their beautiful samples brings me real joy. I wanted to share that joy here on my blog with a blog post dedicated to each of these talented designers and showcasing their lovely samples.

So I will kick off today with a showcase of Michelle Short's beautiful work. Michelle has a wonderful clean and simple style to her work and for her samples she has made some beautiful cards and tags.

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Michelle Short Retro-Electro Heart Card

I love how Michelle uses negative space and dimension in her work with great colouring and the odd splash of ink and paint from time to time! For her first sample above she has used the retro-electro heart (I so hope that name sticks!) and frame from EKD04.

The next sample (below) she has used one of the small flower stencils from the PS048 stencil and embossed it into her background. Totally love that effect. The butterfly is from EKD05.

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Michelle Short Butterfly Card

In this next card Michelle has used the large flower stamp from EKD06 with the leaves from EKD05 and some lovely colouring and masking to make this stunning focal flower. Just gorgeous!

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Michelle Short Big Bloom Card

The next two samples are matching tags and so clever with stamps from EKD06 plus the sentiment stamp from my original release set EKD01. In the first tag also uses the texture stamp from EKD05 but if you move down to the second tag you will spot the large flower stencil PS046 embossed into the background.

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Michelle Short Let Yourself Grow Blue Tag

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Products Showcase: Michelle Short Let Yourself Grow white Tag

How totally gorgeous are these samples? Big, Big thank you Michelle for these wonderful samples!

If you haven't had a chance do visit Michelle Short's blog The Card Grotto and say hello. She makes some fabulous videos too on her YouTube Channel The Card Grotto that are well worth watching and subscribing to, plus you can find her over on Facebook  and Instagram.



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Sunday, 19 February 2017

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamp And Stencil Release February 2017

Gelli print using with the new stencils and stamps by Kim Dellow

You guys know I am a bit circle obsessed and from what I've heard from you, a lot of you are too! Which is great news because my new designs for PaperArtsy. have lots of circles and circles flowers and I can not wait to see what you do with them.

Yes it is NEW PRODUCT release time. I have three new stamps sets and three new stencils as part of the PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} range. The new stamps do follow on from my earlier release last year but this year I thought I would change it up a little bit. I've been hankering after some mixed flowers and longing for a large flower, big is best right?! Plus I have some frames, a butterfly and what I am calling retro-electro heart.

I hope that you have lots of fun with them!

New PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamp And Stencil Release February 2017

For the stencils I've continued with the floral theme for two of the stencils and there is one large flower stencil and a stencil with three smaller flowers and a leaf. But get this - you also get the mask for these stencils too as they come nested in the mylar sheet they have been cut from (don't throw it away!), you just need to nip them out and you have a stencil and a mask, two for the price of one!

The third stencil is a more abstract cluster of retro-style circles and rectangles and very much designed with texture and pattern in mind. It's going to be fun to see where we can go with these new designs!

Flower and leaves card using the new stamps from Kim Dellow

I love everything from clean and simple card making to mixed media messiness and art journaling so it is important to me that the products have multiple uses and can be applied to different types of projects.

But who better to showcase this than my two amazing release day wingmen Anneke De Clerke and Michelle Short?! Both of these talented artists have different have made some amazing samples for this launch of these new products. It is a real joy to see them bring these products to life! Here is a little teaser of their samples. They have more on their own blogs, just click the pictures below to go to their blogs and give them some love!

Anneke De Clerck samples for the February 2017 PaperArtsy {Kim Dellow} Product release

Michelle Short samples for the February 2017 PaperArtsy {Kim Dellow} Product release

I've also got some of my own samples to share with you this week starting with the making of this journal page using the large flower stencil PS046, the retro shapes stencil PS040, the small flower stencils PS048 and the line stamp from the EKD04 stamp set.

I've used PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints to make this page and the colours I've used are Blue Oyster, China, Limelight, Banana, Bubble Gum and Coral, scroll down further to see the video showing how the page from start to finish.

Large PaperArtsy Flower Art Journal Page using new stamps and stencils from Kim Dellow

VIDEO: Art Journal: Large PaperArtsy Stencil Flower

[There are some affiliate links in this blog post, so if you buy through them I do get a small amount of money at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks for your support!]

Products Used:
PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamps EKD04
PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stencil PS040, PS046 and PS048
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paints: Blue Oyster, China, Limelight, Banana, Bubble Gum and Coral
Strathmore Mixed Media Journal
Cut N Dry Foam
Junk Journal
Sharpie Paint pen White
Golden Regular Gel (Gloss)
Plastic card
Micron Pigma pen

You can see from the film that there are so many ways to use the stencils, for example, I've used the whole retro shapes stencil to add texture to the collage pieces but then used it again, but only a part of it to add a bit of focal point detail and interest to the centre of the flower as you can see in this close up picture below.

I doodled in the little retro rectangles background but if you remember back to the EKD03 set there was a similar design in that set that you could use instead! So totally mix and match.

Close up of the flower head from the Large PaperArtsy Flower Art Journal Page using new stamps and stencils from Kim Dellow

Come back tomorrow for a closer look at Michelle Short's samples and then on Tuesday for Anneke De Clerck samples or pop over to their blogs to see them now. You can also see more about this new release over on the PaperArtsy blog including a step by step project from me.

I hope you enjoy playing with these. Now that you have seen them what do you think you will make first?


Where to find PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} products:
If your favourite PaperArtsy stockist doesn't have them in stock just ask and they will get them in for you.

Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec

Treasured Memories Scrapbooking, Duncan, BC - (Ask to get them in!)

Artistic Studio Creations, Fayetteville, Georgia - (Ask to get them in!)

Artistree Workshops, Fulton, New York,

Clay with Me, Colorado

Creek Bank Creations, Indiana

Ephemera Paducah, Paducah, Kentucky  - (Ask to get them in!)

Frantic Stamper, Oregon

Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps, Roswell, New Mexico  - (Ask to get them in!)

Simon Says Stamp, columbus, Ohio

Stamplistic, Cleveland, Ohio  - (Ask to get them in!)

The Queen's Ink Savage, Maryland  - (Ask to get them in!)

Stamp Fever, Orange, California - (Ask to get them in!)

Aldridge Crafts, Attleborough, Norfolk

Art from the Heart, Harrogate, Yorkshire - (Ask to get them in!)

Birds in the Barn, Marks Tey, Essex 

Blade Rubber Stamps, London - (Ask to get them in!)

Countryview Crafts, Potton, Bedfordshire

Craft World Scotland, Glasgow

Crafty Snippets, Billingshurst West Sussex - (Ask to get them in!)

Craftylicious, Mildenhall, Suffolk - (Ask to get them in!)

Dandie Crafts, Caerphilly - (Ask to get them in!)

Keep on Crafting, Burt St Edmunds, Suffolk

Loobie Crafts, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire - (Ask to get them in!)

LouLouPurple, Gwynedd, Wales - (Ask to get them in!)

Papermaze, Ipswich, Suffolk  - (Ask to get them in!)

Paper Story, Norfolk  - (Ask to get them in!)

Rowan Tree Crafts, Carnforth, Lancashire - (Ask to get them in!)

ShabbyChic Stencils Ltd, Stourbridge, West Midlands - (Ask to get them in!)

Simply Crafts, Cardiff - (Ask to get them in!)

Snazzy's, Swindon, Wiltshire

Stampers Grove, Edinburgh, Scotland

Swanstitch, Deal, Kent  - (Ask to get them in!)

That's Crafty, Romford, essex

The Artistic Stamper Craft Store, Faversham, Kent  

The Craft Barn, Merstham, Surrey

The Craft Box, Barnsley, South Yorkshire  - (Ask to get them in!)

The Craft Den, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

The Forget me not Kraft Kabin

Whichcraft, Wallasey, Merseyside - (Ask to get them in!)

Expression Hobby, Marcinelle  - (Ask to get them in!)

Hobbyboden Scrapworld Samso  - (Ask to get them in!)

Kerudoc Creation, St Yvi

Toutencolle, Dun sur Avon - (Ask to get them in!)

Stempeloase Munich

Stempelfee Shop

Creafine, Papendrecht - (Ask to get them in!)

Hobbycompleet de Duif, Leeuwarden

Papillon Hobby, Hendrik Ido Ambacht - (Ask to get them in!)

Scrap & Co, Klarenbeek - (Ask to get them in!)

Stampingcorner, Capelle Aan Den Ijssel  - (Ask to get them in!)

The Stamping Cottage, Schaijk - (Ask to get them in!)

Art and Soul Studio, Burrum Heads, Queensland

Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria - (Ask to get them in!)

Time To Create, Modanville, NSW

Mandy's Card, Taipei

Tiny Dots, Funabashi-shi, Chiba - (Ask to get them in!)


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Friday, 17 February 2017

Three Art Journal Pages To Share

Happy Friday everyone! Have you got any creative projects planned for the weekend? I've got something new to share with you this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled. Try coming back on Sunday evening (GMT) to find out more!

But I can not share it yet so instead I'm sharing some recent art journal page projects and I hope they get you in the mood for your own creative plans this weekend!

[There are some affiliate links in this blog post, so if you buy through them I do get a small amount of money at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks for your support!]

I've got three pages from my flyer junk journals to share and I hope that you are in the mood for abstract because they are all a bit on the abstract side! I know I am a bit circle-obsessed at the moment, I am still trying to work the circles out of my system, but I think it will never happen!

This page is formed of DecoArt Media black gesso lines with paint pen and white acrylic paint highlights. The background colour is some Turner Acryl Gouache Colour Pearl Red, I think, as it has a bit of iridescent shine to it. It is leftover colour from another project and was put down a while ago now but the page just sang out for more work as I flicked through it!

For the next page I dripped the Liquitex Muted Turquoise and Muted Green inks onto a page that I had cleaned off blue paint from my brush in a previous project. Once the ink was dry I went around the drips with Liquitex white gesso slightly tinted with a purple watercolour paint.

It was totally happenstance rather than design that the gesso took on this tint as the purple paint was dried onto the palette that I used for the gesso. But it was definitely a happy happenstance and why you shouldn't always clean up after yourself, well least that is my excuse!

I then further detailed the drips with the paint pen.

The final journal page share today is very much based on the circle shapes that have been plaguing my work recently! And you have probably seen them cropping up again and again in my daily draws and art slice videos over on Instagram, if you follow me there.

This page was built on a page I had used to clean off a stencil in a previous project and in fact I know exactly which project that was as it was my 'How To Make An Art Journal Page With Shiva Artist's Paintstiks' project! So the background marks where made using DecoArt Black Modeling paste on The Crafter's Workshop Sweet Posey stencil.

It then has a layer of Liquitex gesso and once that was dry I used a layer of Golden Regular Gel (Gloss) over the top. But then I did something that perhaps you would not expect - I used watercolour over the top. I love using watercolours over gel medium, the dried gel layer is not absorbent so the colour pools and resists in really interesting ways which is fun to play with! I used the Prima Marketing Decadent Pies as I love the dark/ paynes grey/ blue- like colour and the gold that are in this set.

This was then finished with the paint pen again and a totally circle-centric abstract design. You can see the gold watercolour catching the light on the picture below.

I hope your weekend is full of creative wonder. Oh and don't forget to check back here on Sunday evening (GMT) for something new! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, I will say no more. You will just have to come back and see, won't you?



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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

VIDEO: DIY Patterned Paper Bird Journal Page

DIY Patterned Paper Art journal page by Kim Dellow

How are you getting on with your DIY patterned papers? Had a chance to make any yet? Well, okay it was only Monday that I posted my current 5 favourite fun DIY patterned paper techniques, you probably haven't had a chance to make any yet have you? Don't worry if you haven't as I just have some extra inspiration to share today on the same subject. It's a process video showing the making of this journal page using the very same patterned papers that I showed on Monday.

I don't know why but I have had this bird design journal page idea just floating around in my head for a while now. You know when you just keep coming back to an idea or an image and you need to get it out of your head and into real life? Well this is definitely one of those!

VIDEO: DIY Patterned Paper Bird Journal Page

[There are some affiliate links in this blog post, so if you buy through them I do get a small amount of money at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks for your support!]

Products used:
Seawhite Kraft Journal/Display book
Layout paper
plastic card
Golden Regular Gel
Sharpie Extra Fine paint pen

To Make the Papers -
Sharpie Extra Fine paint pen
Ranger medium brayer
Turner Acryl Gouache (Night Blue, Colour Pearl Red, Colour Pearl Lemon)
cross stitch mesh/ canvas
Sizzix Hexagon embossing folder
chipboard alphabet letters
StencilGirl Loopy Ladders L434 stencil
Holbein Gouache Brilliant Gold
Derwent Inktense block
Fabriano Accademia Artist Paperpack 200 sheets 120 gsm

Hope you enjoyed the video, here are some close ups of the finished piece and you can see more of the details of the DIY patterned paper.

The gesso looks quite thick in the photos but you can just about see the papers coming through to add more texture than my camera can pick up. You can use white paint if you want to have a complete block for the bird to sit on.

Close up on some DIY Patterned papers by Kim Dellow

A DIY Patterned papers Bird by Kim Dellow

I have a feeling that this bird is not out of my system yet! So what techniques will you be using to make your patterned papers? And then what will you make with them when you have them?



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Monday, 13 February 2017

5 Fun DIY Patterned Paper Techniques

5 Fun DIY Patterned Paper Techniques by Kim Dellow

I've been a bit obsessed with patterned paper recently. Last week you might remember that I was sharing some of my book making ideas with patterned paper and the week before that I shared a video showing the making of an art journal page with patterned paper and pen flowers. But the papers I used in those projects were all bought patterned paper.

So what about making our own patterned paper? Well that has got to be one of our most favourite things to do in the mixed media world isn't it? Tell you what, I will show you my current favourite techniques if you promise to share yours? Is it a deal?

Great! Let's do it! And if you haven't got any favorites I hope that I can persuade you to make these your new favourites!

[There are some affiliate links in this blog post, so if you buy through them I do get a small amount of money at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks for your support!]

1. Drawing Patterns

Doodled DIY Patterned Paper by Kim Dellow

We all love stamping to make pattered paper but what about a bit of drawing? Drawing is my number one top practice this year. I'm trying to increase my skill level with regular practice, as many of you already know and have been joining in with me over on Instagram. So it is kind of natural that this should be on my favorite technique list at the moment for making patterned paper.

Of course you can use anything but I particularly like using waterproof materials to make my patterned paper so that I can then use the paper for other things and not worry about smearing. So I've been using acrylic paints in the form of the Sharpie Extra Fine paint pens or the Posca Extra Fine Paint Pens.

But another fun thing to try is using acrylic inks like the Liquitex Muted Colour inks and a dip pen. I use the Kuretake dip pen, I do have others but I really like the feel of this one, it is very comfortable to work with.

Once these papers are dry you can use then and the pattern won't change and you will see another use for these later in the list!

2. Relief Printing

Relief printed DIY Patterned Paper by Kim Dellow

How about a bit of relief printing? Now this is great fun and you can do it with so many different things you have hanging around the house.

The basic technique:
a. Place items on a hard surface
b. Cover with a sheet of paper
c. Roll a brayer through some ink or paint on a palette.
d. Roll the brayer over the paper.

You will need to get the hang of how much pressure to use to get the image coming through and how much ink or paint to have on the brayer, but after a few test runs you will get the hang of it.

There is a humongous list of things you can relief print with but here are a few to get you started:

Embossing folders
Chipboard items

close up of Relief printed DIY Patterned Paper by Kim Dellow

It's like doing Collagraphy but you don't have to stick the items to the surface. So for this patterned paper pictured directly above I used a Ranger medium brayer, Turner Acryl Gouache (Night Blue, Colour Pearl Red, Colour Pearl Lemon), a cross stitch mesh/ canvas, Sizzix Hexagon embossing folder and some chipboard alphabet letters. And on the paper before it I use the Turner Acryl Gouache (Night Blue) over the StencilGirl Loopy Ladders L434 stencil.

DISCLAIMER: This is addictive and habit forming! You will be grabbing everything you can to relief print with. Warn the people that you live with before embarking on this project!

3. Brayered

Brayered DIY Patterned Paper by Kim Dellow

Whilst we are on the subject of brayers (well we sort of are with the relief printing) brayering is a super simple way to make interesting patterned paper even without the relief printing part. If I need a quick piece of paper covered I will either brayer it or use the plastic card (like an old credit card or gift card) scrapping method. I love these two methods as you get a rich texture without really having to do much at all.

Don't forget that if you have a brayer that you can remove the barrel from then you can add even more interest by wrapping it with an elastic band or string or even cut out bits of craft foam, and running that through the paint or ink and onto the surface. For the plastic card you can always snip away at the edge of the card with a sharp knife to give it an interesting tooth edge to add more texture.

For my page above I again used the Turner Acryl Gouache (Night Blue, Colour Pearl Lemon) but I also added in some Holbein Gouache Brilliant Gold which is the bling-y-est gold paint colour I have yet to find!

4. Collage

Collage DIY Patterned Paper by Kim Dellow

Collage is definitely on my favourite DIY patterned paper list. I love a bit of collage, don't you? And now you can see one of the reasons why I like to use waterproof and water-resistant materials to make the drawn patterned papers. It makes it easier to collage them if you don't have to worry about the glue smearing the design.

For my glue I am using Golden Regular Gel and applying it with a plastic card onto both the surfaces that will be in contact with each other and then over the top of the collaged piece. I usually use the gloss gel as it is completely transparent when dry, but if you want a matte finish then you can use the matte version or a semi-gloss version.

5. Layering

Doodle layer of DIY Patterned Paper by Kim Dellow

Relief Printed layer of DIY Patterned Paper by Kim Dellow

Finally you can put it all together with a bit of layering of all or some of the techniques above! Total knock out fun! So go for it!

This time for my relief printing I've gone for a Derwent Inktense block over the StencilGirl Loopy Ladders L434 stencil. The Inktense will react to water so if you use anything on top bear that in mind when you build the layers and be prepared for some colour movement or use a fixative to decrease the movement.

You can use all sorts of papers for the techniques I have described above, try out your favourites or what you have in your stash and see what works for you. If you are stuck try the Fabriano Accademia Artist Paperpack 200 sheets 120 gsm, it is a great paper for messing about with, works really well with dry techniques and sketching, but it does winkle with excessive water and some gel medium use.

I hope you are now buzzing with ideas and things you want to try this week after all that! Now over to you...what are your current favourite ways to make your DIY Patterned Paper?



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Friday, 10 February 2017

VIDEO: Art Slice January Round-Up

I've got my January Art Slice Videos Round-up for you today, a little bit later than I had intended. It was meant to go on my blog last Friday but I got all excited about a recent gallery visit and I ended up posting that on my blog instead, completely forgetting that it was the first Friday of the month so was actually Art Slice Round-up day!

Hey ho, so much for my editorial calendar! But better late than never? So here are some short snippets of inspiration to start your weekend with, hope you enjoy them.

[There are some affiliate links in this blog post, so if you buy through them I do get a small amount of money at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks for your support!]

Sketchbook Circle Page

We can never get enough circles can we? Totally circle crazy and this video shows me filling a sketchbook page with a circle pattern. I started by randomly placing watercolour circles and then finished it with pen.

Products Used:
Sketch book
Sakura Micron Pigma pen 03
Prima Marketing Watercolour paints

Watercolour Circles

So more circles and this video was Day 13 from my #DellowDailyDrawing exercise. Don't forget that you can join in too if you fancy it!

Products Used:
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0
Watercolour paper
Liquitex Muted colour inks
Winsor and Newton watercolours

An Acrylic Ink Abstract With Liquid Mask

For this video I used some fluid mask to add a pattern to the paper before I added the colour. It is super fun to do and fun to watch the mask coming off at the end!

Products Used:
Global Art Fluid Watercolor Paper Block - Cold-Press - 6" x 8"
Jackson's : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0
Sakura Micron Pigma pen 05
Schmincke Aqua Watercolour Paint Masking Fluid
18 gauge Fineline Applicators top

Watercolour and Pen Abstract Art
Continuing on the watercolour theme I played with some shapes from earlier in my #DellowDailyDraw and made them into an abstract mini-piece on a watercolour background.

Products Used:
Bockingford Watercolour paper cold press
Winsor and Newton Watercolours
Jackson Raven Synthetic mop brush
Sakura Micron Pigma pen 05

My next Art Slice will be out on my YouTube Channel at 1pm (GMT) today and at around 7pm (GMT) over on my Instagram channel.



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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

VIDEO: Art Product Test - Magic Sponge

Recently I came across the 'Magic Sponge' which can lift dry watercolour paint from paper and was super curious about it, I mean who wouldn't be with a name like 'Magic Sponge'? So today I have a new video with a product test for the Magic Sponge.

If you haven't come across this product yet it is actually melamine foam which has really strong abrasive properties, i.e. it scrubs well! The structure of the foam is such that it acts like a super fine sandpaper. The funny thing is is that you may already have some in your home as it has been marketed as a cleaning product under various names for many years.

I don't know exactly when they started marketing it to artists as a watercolour eraser but I think it has been on the art product market for a good decade but you can correct me if I am wrong!

[There are some affiliate links in this blog post, so if you buy through them I do get a small amount of money at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks for your support!]

For my test I have compared how it works with watercolour paints, Distress Crayons, Slick Stix, Distress Stain, Distress Ink and tried it out on hot and cold press watercolour paper as well as an ordinary cardstock. So sit back and enjoy the film!

Oh and keep an eye out for a sneak peek at one of my new stencil designs for PaperArtsy (SPOILER ALERT: it's pictured above if you missed it!).

VIDEO: Art Product Test - Magic Sponge

Magic Sponge
Fabriano Classico 5 Fat Pad 300g/m (140lb)
Bockingford Watercolour paper cold press
Cardstock Smooth 290g/m 
Winsor and Newton Watercolours
Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections Watercolor
Tim Holtz Distress Crayons Set 
Crayola Twistables Slick Stix
Tim Holtz Distress Stain
Tim Holtz Distress Ink

Above is a close-up of the results on the different papers and colouring products. As I said is it an abrasive and I did use it on my stencil with no apparent ill effect. All though I personally don't think I would want to use it over and over again on the same stencil. I think it is cool for the occasional use to get specific effects, but I will leave you to make your own mind up about how you would like to use it!

And so that you can see the stencil again (*WINK*) here is a close-up of the results of the lifting of the watercolour paint through the stencil on the cold press watercolour paper.

Hope that the video was useful, I do plan to do more product testing from time to time so let me know if you have an art or craft product you would like to see in action and if I have it I will do my best to test it and video the results!

Meanwhile, don't forget to watch my last product test video which was the Tim Holtz Distress Crayons Versus Crayola Slick Stix face-off!



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Monday, 6 February 2017

4 Book Making Ideas Using Patterned Paper

Book Making Using Patterned Paper by Kim Dellow

Do you have a problem? A problem with having too much patterned paper? I know, it isn't much of a 'problem' is it? I mean let's face it, if you are a papercrafter it kind of goes with the territory, having lots of lovely patterned paper hanging about! But still it is better to use it up than just have it to look at, honest it is.

Last week I posted a video all about a journal page I had made using patterned paper to make a flower cluster focal page and I suddenly thought that it might be fun to revisit some of my book-making projects. And I wanted to share these projects along with some ideas to either get you started in book making, if you have never tried it before, or rekindle your love of book making if you are a dab hand at it!

So let's have a look at the projects and then I have some more ideas to inspire your next book-patterned paper book-making project.

1. The Travel-Themed Journal

The DIY Travel-Themed Journal by Kim Dellow

The cover for this journal was made from cardboard that I decorated with some mixed media work and you can see more about how I made that in my original Moroccan Travel Journal blog post if you are interested. But my focus today is the inside!

For the inside I used a mix of Khadi paper and old Seven Gypsies patterned papers that had a travel theme so perfect for a travel art journal. I used different sizes to add interest and to vary the pages, which can be quite a fun way to make a book.

inside the DIY Travel-Themed Journal by Kim Dellow

view from the side of the DIY Travel-Themed Journal by Kim Dellow

Khadi paper is a nice paper for using with watercolour as it has an interesting tooth to it to let the colours pool and bring out their granulation, that grainy look you get with some colours. The Seven Gypsies paper is heavy weight so great for using as scrapbook pages to stick travel ephemera to or you can add a layer of gesso over the top and sketch or paint on the page.

the binding on the DIY Travel-Themed Journal by Kim Dellow

This was perhaps a more complected binding as I used a French Link stitch to bind the signatures (which is just the name given to papers folded and grouped together into a pamphlet or booklet) together. But it is simple when you get the hang of it. I stuck the covers to the first and last pages which was actually harder than it would seem as you need to make sure they line up properly with each other and that the inside sheets are nicely central. I also added a little expandable pouch in the back page to hold tickets etc.

2. The Super Simple Pamphlet Notebook

The Super Simple Pamphlet Notebook by Kim Dellow

This has got to be one of my all time favouritest (is that a word?) books ever! They are so simple to make and I've used this technique with all sorts of papers from patterned paper to leftover painted papers from my art making.

The books I'm showing here were actually made with the Cricut Explore and if you want some more in-depth instruction on how to make them you will find them at my DIY Notebooks Tutorial With The Cricut Explore blog post.

inside pages of the Super Simple Pamphlet Notebook by Kim Dellow

If you want the pages inside your booklets to have uniform edges then the trick is trimming, particularly if you are using heavy weight papers. I fold my papers and collect them together to make the inside of the pamphlet and then trim the closed pamphlet with a heavy duty paper trimmer, or in batches, so that the pages look even. Then I add a slightly larger page for the cover.

I will be honest, I have no idea if trimming is what you are meant to do for even pages but it works for me! The alternative is that you use fewer pages in your pamphlet and bind them together as signatures like in the Moroccan Travel Journal. I used a very light weight paper for these particular journals pictured, so I could get away without using trimming.

the binding of the Super Simple Pamphlet Notebook by Kim Dellow

All you have to do to bind these journals is to punch or pierce holes in the spine of the pamphlet and thread it, I used ordinary cotton embroidery thread, then tie it off either on the inside or the outside depending on what you prefer. You can add a drop of glue on the knot if you are worried that it will come undone or even leave the thread tails on which I quite like doing. And if you leave long tails on you can use them as bookmarks!

3. The Patterned Paper Sketchbook

the Patterned Paper Sketchbook by Kim Dellow

This is one of my oldest and it might even be one of my first book-making attempts. I have to admit I'm not that fond of the cover but as it is the use of patterned paper that we are focusing on today I can gloss over the cover and show you the inside instead!

For the pages in this sketchbook I used a heavy weight, one-sided patterned paper which even had some glitter incorporated in the design so don't think that you can't use papers with added extras like glitters because you can. I started using this book as a sketchbook as it is a very handy size but it is probably better suited as a mixed media art journal because of the texture of the paper.

inside the Patterned Paper Sketchbook by Kim Dellow

another sketch from inside the Patterned Paper Sketchbook by Kim Dellow

If you want to decrease the texture try adding paper panels over the patterned pages and layers of gesso. It all adds to the interest and texture of the whole piece. Of course the white back of the paper was great for drawing on and all I did for that side was to add a layer of watercolour paint to get rid of the white.

If you want to see some more of my sketches from this book then visit my art journal sharing post where I have shared more from the inside of this journal.

The binding for the Patterned Paper Sketchbook by Kim Dellow

I made up the binding for this one but used a similar method as the technique used in the Super Simple Pamphlet Notebook above. For this one I used waxed beading thread and 'weaved' the signatures together and added the ribbon strips to the spine for further support.

4. The Altered Patterned Paper Cover Journal

The altered patterned paper cover by Kim Dellow

The covers on this book are all made from pattern paper. And this is another great way to use your papers – as substrates and surfaces to do your mixed media art on! To make these covers I added layers of paint and stamping to a few pieces of 12 by 12 patterned paper then cut them up and mixed and matched them as a patchwork collage onto a piece of plan paper trimmed to the size I wanted my cover.

First step for making the  altered patterned paper cover by Kim Dellow

stamping the patterned paper cover by Kim Dellow

making the patchwork of patterned paper by Kim Dellow

I then glued them in place and trimmed off any overhanging paper. To bind this book I used the same binding technique as I used for the Super Simple Pamphlet Notebook, I told you it was a particular favourite of mine! But this time instead of tying off the threads on the outside I tied them inside the pamphlet.

Inspiration To Turn Your Patterned Paper Into DIY Journals And Books:

a. Theme It - Use paper from your stash that is themed to what you want to use your book for, e.g. travel paper for travel books.

b. Change It Up - Do change up the sizes of the pages, they don't have to be perfectly regulated and book like, a bit of variety can be fun especially for journals and art journals.

c. Simplify - Book binding doesn't have to be complicated! Simple is best in lots of cases!

d. Mix It Up - Mix and match your papers! Or even use collaged, left over paper bits and painting papers.

e. Layer It - Want to tone it down to use for your art? Add a layer of gesso or stick a piece of plain or layout paper over it.

f. Use It All - Double-sided patterned paper is perfect for book making but so is single-sided as you can use both the plain side and the patterned side.

g. Break The Rules! - Book making with patterned paper doesn't have to be about the best binding techniques or being a book-binding expert. You can hold pages together with the simplest of binding, even an elastic band, so just do it!

Do you use patterned paper to make books and what are you favourite tried and tested tips?



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